I’m still playing catch up on Mamatography, after an incredibly busy summer holiday. Here’s week 32 for you.

Day 219 – Sandy Beach

There are very few sandy beaches in the UK. It’s normally pebbles. West Wittering is different – it’s a lovely sandy beach. It has a special place in my heart as its where I came to still myself when Aviya was ‘over due’. I have beautiful memories here.

Day 220 – Street Art

Local Doula Susan Merrick spent the afternoon in Guildford doing street art. She used make up to paint a pregnant woman. It was really beautiful, and watching her was lovely. It even entranced the children for over an hour. The point was to make people think about what they put on their faces, on their skins, and so, into their blood streams.

Day 221 – Aubergine

I got some beautiful flowers on my aubergine (egg plant) but was told that it would be very hard, if not impossible to grow aubergines in the UK. This one has two aubergines! Evidence of how warm it’s been this summer! I am crazy excited about these two beauties!

Day 222 – Pampered Chef

A friend of mine is a Pampered Chef consultant. She hosts parties where the children get to make pizzas using the pampered chef equipment, giving the mamas time to browse the catalogue, in theory anyway. It was chaotic but fun. I enjoyed it, at least!

Day 223 – Operation Own Bed

Ameli will be four soon, and I’d love for my hubby and I to have a shared bed again one day, without the girls in it, so we’re slowly trying to encourage Ameli to at least start the evening off in her own bed. The first night she only spent a couple of hours in it, but we trust it will improve.

Day 224 – Bake Sale 

A bake sale in aid of the La Leche League in Farnham. A good day out with lots of goodies, and lots of money raised.

Day 225 – Dr.Seuss Week

Our PlayLearning Theme this week is Dr.Seuss. We’ve had a grand ol’ time, learning to rhyme, with made up words and strange looking birds, what fun it is, to learn with these. 😉

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

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