We’ve had the kind of week you have when you live somewhere and know people. It’s an odd feeling, in a way. We’ve been to the same place twice this week (the play place) and I spent a bit of time visiting a friend in hospital. We were carless as the car had to go in to have the gearbox fixed.  (How rare is it to have x in the same sentence twice?) So, yes, all in all, pretty domestic.

Day 305 – Visiting Oupa

My dad, or Oupa, the Afrikaans word for grandfather and Ameli. We dropped by his office for a visit, and I think he enjoyed that.

Visiting granpa

Day 306 – Indoor Play

It’s so scorchingly hot most days that we tend to go to the indoor play parks. It’s also a fair bit safer than an open park, so I can relax while Ameli and my mom play.  If I compare this picture of her wading through the ball pit with this one in January, I cannot believe how she’s grown!

Ball Pit

Day 307 – Nana Love

My mother has been spending a lot of time with Ameli recently, which I think has been great for both of them! I love this picture. So much love between them.

Nana Love

Day 308 – Lory Park

Spent the day with a great friend, Tristan, his fiance, and her niece and nephew. I love how many animal ‘parks’ etc there are in South Africa. For about £4.50 you can spend the day in an animal reserve, park, or whatever. We saw white lions, pumas, cheetas, leopards and a bunch of other wild cats I can’t even remember now.  Here they were looking at Bengal tigers. Just beautiful! I love that I’m able to expose Ameli to this, whether she’ll remember it or not

Animals and friends

Day 309 – Birthday Dinner

My niece-in-law turned 17 so we had a lovely dinner out with her. Although she should feature here, it’s so rare that I have a good picture of myself AND Martin, like, in the SAME photo that I couldn’t give this up!

Rare: A good picture of us!!

Day 310 – Back in the Indoor Play

A good mid-point between my mother’s place and ours, so why not!


Day 311 – In the Swing of Things

Propelling herself on the swing and loving it, my beautiful princess.

In the swing of things

Thank you joining us again for our week in pictures! Leave a link if you do one you’d like us to see!


365-305 to 365-311 A Week in Pictures

  1. Love the picture of you guys – You look fantastic. And I love all the great stuff for Kyra to play with around there. Makes me even more eager to get back to NYC.

  2. Oh shes growing so fast! I love seeing these cause they are just brilliant watching her grow and change! Looks like your having a lovely time back home!

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