Mindful Nurturing – Mindful Play – On Sale Now

I’d like to give you a peek into the amazing new e-bundle up at my affiliate partner: the Mindful Play eBundle.

$14.95 = £9.28 =AUS$16.02=R150.91

This bundle contains 9 play-oriented e-resources, plus 3 phenomenal bonuses.

This ebundle is for sale only from September 30 through October 3. After that, you’ll never see this particular collection together again at this price.

There’s a little something for everyone, geared to kids from ages 1 to 12: coloring pages, a yoga story book, mandala drawing initiation, treasure baskets and sensory bins, modeling play, and much more.

Here’s a bit more about the exciting contents:

  • Sensory Bins: the What, the How and the Why, by Sharla Kostelyk of The Chaos and the Clutter:

    Sensory bins are a simple and inexpensive learning tool that can benefit all children. Whether you are interested in incorporating sensory bins into your home, classroom, or homeschool, this guide will provide you the necessary knowledge and ideas to get started. It includes idea lists, storage and money saving tips, information on using sensory bins with Sensory Processing Disorder, and helpful recipes.

  • Alphabet Glue, by Annie of Bird and Little Bird:

    Alphabet Glue is a downloadable e-magazine for families who love books. Filled with activities, printables, projects, and plenty of inspiration, Alphabet Glue was created in hopes of helping more families incorporate creativity, imagination and all things literary into their everyday routines. Each issue contains leveled book recommendations organized by theme, bookmaking tutorials, story-building activities, and hands-on projects that complement favorite titles in children’s literature. From stories to science experiments, Alphabet Glue has a little something for everyone. This bundle includes two fall-themed issues: Volume 9 and Volume 14 — Fold functional paper periscopes for amateur espionage and make simple plant presses. Sail a fleet of tiny sailboats and learn a bit about surface tension in the process. Reflect on the shape of rain drops, and create a bit of refrigerator-ready art while you’re at it. Make bouncy balls out of laundry room staples and handy office supplies, and spend a bit of time thinking about how fossils are formed before trying your hand at making your own. All this and more in two fun- and story-filled volumes!

  • Mandala Doodles, by Sara McGrath of Unschooling Lifestyle:

    Learn to draw mandala doodles. With something round to trace, pens, and an eye for discovering the patterns around you, you can draw round mandala doodles and non-circular doodle designs.

  • Mudworks: Creative Clay, Dough and Modeling Experiences for Kids, by MaryAnn Kohl:

    Mudworks offers a delightful range of over 100 hands-on creative modeling mixtures and recipes for children to explore and experience. Kids like to call it the goosh and moosh book! All projects use common household materials and require no expertise. Ideal for fun or serious art for all ages, at home, school, or childcare. A classic!

  • Treasure Basket Play, by Melitsa Avila of Raising Playful Tots:

    Treasure Basket Play shows you step by step how to effectively and safely set up and use a treasure basket in your home today that will engage and challenge your baby each time the basket is used. Treasure basket play is suitable for sitting babies to approximately 12 months.

  • How To Fool Your Kids Into Having Fun So You Can: Travel Games Without Gadgets, by Iyas of Freaky Rivet:

    Born out of 6 months of travel with the author’s own 4 children, How to Fool Your Kids Into Having Fun So You Can is an ebook packed with over 100 games for travelling without gadgets. These are not just your standard car or plane games, but also ones to keep them amused in restaurants, hotel lobbies, boats, and all kinds of places you might find yourself. Some will educate them along the way; most are just outright fun. And it doesn’t have to be in some far-flung continent — they are just as useful even at your local deli. You could give your kids an electronic game — but this way you can give them some good old-fashioned fun interacting with people and the environment around them. Bring your sense of humour, and dive in.

  • Animal ABCs, by Carisa of 1+1+1=1:

    Animal ABCs is a fun way to take your toddler or preschooler through the alphabet while learning about animals along the way. Each letter features one animal that emphasizes the sound of the letter. Animal ABCs was created for children approximately ages 2-4 years. The bundle includes: Full-size display letters, full-size blank letters and animals to cut for craft, package of printable extras for each letter, all flashcards, all extra additions (Dot Fun, Play Dough Mats, Wall Posters, & Lowercase Letters). Once you purchase, you have access to a private page and you can come back and download anything new that’s added!

  • Summer Fun, by Joni Rae Latham of Tales of a Kitchen Witch:

    This is a 15-page coloring book PDF with natural-parenting line drawings by Joni Rae Latham. The drawings depict different families having fun in the summer with scenes including cosleeping, breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding, and babywearing.

  • Sophia’s Jungle Adventure, by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga Stories:

    Join Sophia’s jungle adventure! Fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly as you act out this journey through a Costa Rican jungle. What else might you see? Follow along with Sophia’s story and her yoga moves. The storybook includes a List of Kids Yoga Poses and a Parent-Teacher Guide.

PLUS, three exciting bonuses:

  • 12 play-themed coloring pages, by Hugo Smits:These coloring pages are a playful example of how Hugo combines his attached parenting style with his passion.
  • Playful Rituals eBook and a Sample eCourse, by Shawn Ledington Fink,author of The Playful Family
  • Audio interview with industry expert on treasure baskets, via Melitsa Avila

Inspire your family to grow closer together as you foster your creativity and playfulness!

Read more about the resources here, and then get your bundle today for only $14.95, at over 80% off a retail value of $74. It’s available only until October 3, so hurry!


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How Do I Learn To Play?

I made an alarming and dreadful discovery recently: I don’t know how to play.

I’ve been trying to think about the games I used to play as a child, and I simply don’t remember any. What I do remember is running drills with my younger sister and brother, timing them to see how quickly they could be safely nestled in the bomb shelter with their creature comforts. Or when we no longer lived on the border and the war was over, I’d do timed drills with them to see how quickly they could get into their pre-approved hiding places at the top of the cupboard, just in case someone came into the house with the intent to do harm – we didn’t even have TV then, so who knows where my imagination came from!
Read more: How Do I Learn To Play?

365-305 to 365-311 A Week in Pictures

We’ve had the kind of week you have when you live somewhere and know people. It’s an odd feeling, in a way. We’ve been to the same place twice this week (the play place) and I spent a bit of time visiting a friend in hospital. We were carless as the car had to go in to have the gearbox fixed.  (How rare is it to have x in the same sentence twice?) So, yes, all in all, pretty domestic.

Day 305 – Visiting Oupa

My dad, or Oupa, the Afrikaans word for grandfather and Ameli. We dropped by his office for a visit, and I think he enjoyed that.

Visiting granpa

Day 306 – Indoor Play

It’s so scorchingly hot most days that we tend to go to the indoor play parks. It’s also a fair bit safer than an open park, so I can relax while Ameli and my mom play.  If I compare this picture of her wading through the ball pit with this one in January, I cannot believe how she’s grown!

Ball Pit

Day 307 – Nana Love

My mother has been spending a lot of time with Ameli recently, which I think has been great for both of them! I love this picture. So much love between them.

Nana Love

Day 308 – Lory Park

Spent the day with a great friend, Tristan, his fiance, and her niece and nephew. I love how many animal ‘parks’ etc there are in South Africa. For about £4.50 you can spend the day in an animal reserve, park, or whatever. We saw white lions, pumas, cheetas, leopards and a bunch of other wild cats I can’t even remember now.  Here they were looking at Bengal tigers. Just beautiful! I love that I’m able to expose Ameli to this, whether she’ll remember it or not

Animals and friends

Day 309 – Birthday Dinner

My niece-in-law turned 17 so we had a lovely dinner out with her. Although she should feature here, it’s so rare that I have a good picture of myself AND Martin, like, in the SAME photo that I couldn’t give this up!

Rare: A good picture of us!!

Day 310 – Back in the Indoor Play

A good mid-point between my mother’s place and ours, so why not!


Day 311 – In the Swing of Things

Propelling herself on the swing and loving it, my beautiful princess.

In the swing of things

Thank you joining us again for our week in pictures! Leave a link if you do one you’d like us to see!

365-126 to 365-132 A Week in Pictures

Back in shape, I’ve been taking photos again! There are quite a few of Ameli this time round, but I’m sure you don’t mind too much. You are here after all! Oh, but I cannot wait for summer.

Day 126 – Formally Fun

I went to see a solicitor about some paperwork I needed certified. We were in a very corporate part of London, with people in suits and ties and high heels. The floors were polished to a shine. Everyone spoke in hushed whispers. And then we saw this. I had to laugh.

Formally Fun

Day 127 – Standing My Ground

So proud of herself for crawling over to the chair then standing up. (All the while chewing on asparagus.)

Standing My Ground

Day 128 – Good Food Show

We won tickets to the Good Food Show from the lovely Nick at My Daddy Cooks. We watched his presentation on “Being in the Kitchen with Kids”, saw Karin from Cafe Bebe and spent the afternoon walking around sampling food, chocolates and various snacks at the different stalls. It was an unusual and utterly enjoyable afternoon out. Thanks Nick! Here’s Nick and his gorgeous son Archie behind him. Next to them is Ameli eating ‘droeworse’ a South African dried sausage. Good girl!

Good Food Show

Day 129 – Spoils of the Good Food Show

I made South African Vetkoek for lunch and we devoured it with the preserves and mustard bought at the Good Food Show yesterday…

Vetkoek Fillings

Day 130 – Setting Sail

Having spent Sunday indoors, we really had to get out. The weather was at least trying to look like spring, so we headed to the park. I love this picture. Look, it’s a big business, steering a ship. She had to concentrate.

At the wheel

Day 131 – Walking the Plank

We are blessed in London to have quite a few really nice parks around us. When the weather is good it is a great cheap way to kill the 40 minutes + travel time betweenwaking from the afternoon nap and dinner and a bath!

Crawl the Plank

Day 132 – Annabel Karmel

We were invited to the launch of Annabel Karmel’s latest book, Top 100 Pasta Dishes. It was held in the form of a cooking class which was great fun. Here’s Annabel showing us how to make ravioli, before letting us loose to try ourselves. Ameli really enjoyed Annabel’s tasters too! I’ll tell you more about the book and the session another day though.

Annabel Karmel making ravioli
Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!