A week behind, obviously, so next week’s photos will have a new baby in them… but here were were, just a week ago, still waiting impatiently for our baby to show. 61/366 – Acupuncture For Starting Labour Well, it didn’t work for me, although I did have plenty of contractions afterwards! I’m guessing baby is just not ready!

62/366 – Come Out Baby!

[youtube wUV2UXoa3AA]

63/366 – Erm… 

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you… erm… nothing. Sorry.

64/366 – Franken-Fairy

Ameli’s first proper birthday party invitation was to a one year old’s monster fancy dress party. She went as a Fraken-Fairy: part fairy, part ballerina, part bug. There was a witches mask too, but since getting it and the party, we’ve lost it. Alas.

65/366 – Sunset

Caught this out the car window on our way home from the swimming pool….

66/366 –  Nothing Day And Coffee

We didn’t do a huge amount this day. I was really hoping the baby would come before my sister had to leave, so left it empty. In the evening we went to  the supermarket to pick up some goodies she wants to take home with her and I sat at Starbucks. I do love me some Starbucks.

67/366 – Goodbye

 I love this picture. Not for the picture itself, but for what it represents. It’s sad because it’s the day my sister leaves, without having been here for the baby, and it’s funny, because Ameli picked this meringue up and started eating it. This thing was bigger than her head! It made us curl with laughter.

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Mamatography Week 10: Still Waiting

  1. I can’t wait to see next week’s photos, but these were wonderful in the meantime. I love Ameli’s answer about the baby’s arrival, “yesterday!” What a beautiful gift you gave Squidgy by waiting so patiently during this time. It sounds like it paid off!

    1. Hehehe… I was so sure I’d be babymooning by then and we wouldn’t make the party so didn’t put huge effort into the costume, but it worked out okay in the end!

  2. Congratulations on the birth of baby! I was following your progress yesterday and so pleased for you 🙂 And I love Ameli’s costume – part fairy, part ballerina, part bug – brilliant!

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