So many of my friends and family are far away and won’t be able to share in this baby’s birth with us. I’m not sure how much I’ll update here today, or how much will need to be edited or spell checked later. I know when it gets to the thick of it, I’ll be focused inwards, and not sharing what’s going on… but in the meantime, writing is my therapy. It keeps me calm, and focused. Lucky you, eh? 😉

Last night – I went to an NCT committee meeting after my acupressure, and felt strengthening random contractions, but nothing worth writing home about. Arrived home, did some work, and wondered if Tuesday might be the day.

3:45 am – I got out of bed because I was moaning through contractions and starting to disturb Ameli’s sleep.  I couldn’t sleep anymore, so went downstairs to do figure of 8’s on my birth ball. I got out the TENS machine and strapped myself up. I don’t remember the early contractions with Ameli being this intense.

First Contractons

5:20 something am – Fall asleep, contractions die down, waking about every half hour with a strong contraction.

8:30am – Ameli comes downstairs wanting milk. Breastfeeding stimulates contractions, definitely! We go about our morning, Ameli gets ready for nursery, I wash my hair – hanging upside down mid contraction is not fun. Thank heavens for the TENS machine.

9:30 am- My mother takes Ameli to nursery. I sit on the sofa getting some work done. Every time I stand up I have contractions. Have some things to finish before having a baby. Also need to put new Moses basket together. It arrived this morning. Good timing! These contractions are more like the second day of contractions with Ameli were. It’s definitely going faster.

10:15 am – Realise neither of my midwives are on call today. Need to contact someone else, but I’ve never met her.

10:51 am – Decide to publish this live on blog because I’m having to chat in too many groups and Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and what not. Will update here till I get in the pool. Then probably Twitter if anything.

11:20 am – Birthpool is up. Martin’s gone to fetch Ameli at nursery. Hypnobirthing CD on in background. Excitement currently coursing through my bones. Feeling so peaceful and happy.

12:52 – Updating to say there are no updates. Contractions have settled in at about 10 minutes apart for now. Ameli’s home from nursery and having a nap. My unofficial Doula is on standby. Midwife I’ve never spoken to knew who I am and was elated to hear I’m contracting, which was very sweet. No news for now is… well, no news!

15:00 – Contractions intense, but still about 10 minutes apart. Waiting for Ameli to wake so we can bake the birthday cake for the baby.

15:30 – Ameli awake, heading into the kitchen to do our cake in a jar for baby’s birthday. I have a contraction pretty much every time I stand up, so this should get things going. Have asked DH to start filling the pool. They’re all saying it’s too early. I’m not so sure it is.


13 March 2012 – A Good Day For A Birthday?

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