Being a mom really is a full time job. I’ve mentioned this before – feeding alone is like a 9-5 with a lunch break!  But apart from nappy changes, feeding, expressing, bottle washing, washing laundry, hanging laundry and when you have a free minute doing non baby stuff like vacuuming the floor or cooking dinner, there are a lot of other things for moms to do.

I heard from a friend who’d like to get together next week. Her baby was born a few weeks after Ameli, and we’ve not seen each other yet. So I check my diary for next week and realise I am a very busy woman! Take a look:


  • 14:00 Buddha babies yoga
  • 20:00 Holistic Fusion (exercise class)


  • 13:30 New mum’s post natal group
  • 15:00 Baby signing
  • 16:15 Baby massage


I think this playgroup is more for the moms, really!
  • 09:00 Lose your Mummy Tummy (exercise class)
  • 10:00 Dcup Cafe
  • 16:00 Wiggle and Dance


  • 10:30 Yoga and relaxation (exercise class)
  • 13:00 1 o’clock club


  • 14:15 Latino Bambino (exercise class)
  • 15:30 Nursery Rhyme Time


  • 08:30 Dynamic Flow Yoga (exercise class)
  • 09:00 Daddy Buggy Fitness (exercise class)
  • 10:30 Baby Massage

Between learning to massage the baby,  learning nursery rhymes to sing to the baby, baby signing to encourage communication skills, mom’s groups to learn to be a better mom/make sure I’m doing a good job, and exercise classes to make sure I’m around long term there’s very little time for anything else!

Martin wants me to take up a bigger part and become more involved with the business side of his freelancing, and I know I need to do it to justify not going back to work anytime soon, but I just can’t get my head in to work mode yet… I’m too busy updating my diary!

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