Poem for a newborn baby

You looked up and in to my eyes

And in that moment

My whole world changed

Time stood still,

And sped up

I saw your first steps, words, bruise

I saw your first day of school

Your first kiss, tears, disappointment

Your first love, graduation, wedding

I saw your first home away from ours

And your first baby.

I saw a future unfold with unspeakable joys

in which my heart would ache,

My heart would break,

And my love for you would never fade.

I blinked and saw you again, looking up at me

With those beautiful eyes, in full acceptance,

Full appreciation, full love, staring up at me

Unconditionally loving me, as my eyes unconditionally love you back.

You changed me

My hopes, my dreams, my life

By simply looking up at me

And knowing who I am.

 – Luschka van Onselen


Birthday Poem For A Newborn – My Baby’s Eyes

  1. So true Lusch. Thats the way of a parent to a child. Now maybe you know how much I love you how much your hurts hurt me and how your disappointments upset me. You now know how your happiness made me happy, and how your achievements made me proud. How no sacrifice was to much to bear, and how going without yourself for the sake of your child is unconditional love.

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