It’s a week of saying goodbyes  and while I’ve always taken being sad to leave somewhere as a good sign of your time there having been well spent, this time I’m finding it exquisitely hard.

80/365 – Sushi

We’ve been taking every opportunity to spend time with my mom. I feel the pressure of the ticking clock like a weight on my chest. I’m loving the time spent together, but I’m hating knowing we’re leaving soon. I’m so grateful that my mom has confounded the doctors with her survival and recovery. Today we had a farewell party with some of our new friends, and then lunch with my mom.

81/365 – Rose Garden

We don’t actually eat out/drink out as often as it might look right now, but we’re visiting some of my favourite spots, for old times sake, and at the same time taking Martin to see some of the places that have been important to me over the last five months. The Rose Garden is one of them. It’s very pretty, serene and excellent value for money.

82/365 – Bed Time

My dad had to take a couple of days off work because he’s been quite unwell. Such unfortunate timing. I must tell you though, these are the moments we’re going to miss. I ache when I think of these special tender moments being so far away.

83/365 – Best Friends Of The Southern Hemisphere

Ameli loves her friend M. She talks about her all the time. She’s really going to miss her.

85/365 – Farewell Dinner

The last supper with our family. Bitter sweet memories. I don’t remember pending separation n ever being quite so hard before.

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Mamatograpy 2013 Week 13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

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