A blessed week, filled with female power, nature, babies and beauty.

188/366 – It was THIS big

This picture made me giggle. Ryan is three weeks younger than Aviya, and is one gorgeous little boy. While his brother and her sister were outside pouring the foam from the coloured foam on bubble wrap into the sand and water table and their mamas were running up and down between the four of them, Ryan was telling Aviya a story, and I think the punch line was “Really, Aviya, it was THAT big!”

189/366 – Blessing The Way

The ‘Natural Parenting’ alternative to the babyshower is the blessing way, a meeting together of women to pour out blessings on the mama-to-be and her baby.  Rhiannon was my doula with Aviya’s birth and it was so special being at her Blessingway. We each brought a bead which we gave with a blessing. We joined the mamas together with a red thread, which we were to wear on our ankles or wrists till the baby is born. We each gave her a candle to light while she’s in labour, and then we ate cake while Laura, who hosted the Blessingway did beautiful belly art.  It was a rich, powerful and beautiful experience.

(Btw, baby Imelda was born this morning!)

190/366 – Fish and Water Day

A home-based day today, so we looked over the activities from Andreas Summer Camp at Home to see what we could do.  We made a fish out of a bottle and tissue paper, an octopus out of an old sock and plastic bag. We then watched The Reef, complete with popcorn before having a fishy themed bath, with blue food colouring!

191/366 –  Camping

Oh, I have looked forward to doing this with  my own children! And Ameli just loved it! The week after Ocean is Camping and since we had an afternoon ‘off’, we decided to go on with the Summer Camp theme. I made ‘hot dogs’ out of shortcrust pastry and sausages, and Ameli ‘roasted’ them on the fire, outside of her ‘tent. What fun.

193/366 – Twiddle Dee And Twiddle Dum

Ameli and her little friend Arthur – or Arthfur as she calls him – at Forest Nursery. They are inseparable… and I’m not always sure he is as happy about that! Arthur’s Mama is a very special friend and we just love watching them explore together. Our very own Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum.

Thanks for joining our week in pictures!


Mamatography: Week 28 – A Shift In The Waters

  1. How lovely! I adore the idea of a Blessing Way and would have had one myself had I not felt so awful with the HG! Such a beautiful way to honour the beauty and sacredness of bringing new life into the world, thanks for sharing x

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