I can’t really think of a way to capture our week in just a sentence or two. I am grateful that despite some terrible news that has hit our friendship circles this week, we were able to see new life this week too. Beautiful mercies.

Day 38/365 – How To Catch a Cake Thief

Ameli had some Basil Chocolate Cake and Aviya stole a piece. She then smeared it everywhere, and thought it was hysterical.

Day 39/365 – Good Stuff

Having had a taste of the good stuff, she was very keen on licking the spoon on our Vegan sugar cookies we were making for a friend

Day 40/365 – Fairy Land

There was a ‘Fairy Day’ happening in Fremantle, so I took the girls out for something to do. Here they are listening to a fairy tale, complete with sound effects and audience participation. I actually have so many lovely pictures from this day. This one shows what was happening though.
I couldn’t resist. I have so very few photos of myself with both my children at the same time. I just had to add it.

Day 42/365 – Stained Glass Windows

I don’t remember where I first saw these, but I’ve been wanting to try them for ages. They’re candy ‘stained glass windows’ and they are so sweet. It took me a few batches to ‘get right’ but I was relatively happy with the end result!

Day 42/365 – Watermelon and Mint Smoothies

It is what it says on the tin title. A watermelon and mint smoothie. I do love a good smoothie. Especially when it’s as hot as it is here!

Day 44/365 – New Life

My friend Kitty had asked me to act as her doula during her VBAC attempt, but as things turned out, she had a c-section this day. I sat outside the theatre anxiously awaiting news, and as they rolled her out, I was up and by her side, feeding her Arnica and Oak and taking pictures of their new addition. I was so honoured to be able to share in this day with them, and I will always treasure the memory of being on hand to see another new baby come into the world. I am so often reminded of the amazing tribe of women that I belong to, mothers, supportive, respectful, honouring. That’s what the red thread is about. We are women. What more is there? What more could I want?

Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

Without further ado, here are the Mamatography 2013 participants!


Mamatography Week 7: Food, Fairies And New Life

  1. The cake thing cracks me up. lol

    Fairy Day?! I wanna go!!
    The frame thing is COOL! That was at the Fairy thing?

    Watermelon and mint sounds like such an odd combo.

    So beautiful the way you were there for your friend. Wonderful.

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