This is part five in a series on busy bags. For more information on what busy bags are, and for some ideas on bought contents for easy busy bags and more handmade ideas, read past posts in the series

Memory games are fantastic for children, wonderful for developing logic skills, patience and memory, which in turn will help with reading and learning. Even at 2.5 years of age Ameli was able to play match with a set of cards she was given.  I think this game can be made as easy or as difficult as you wish, and you could play it different ways: match the cards, match the colours, match the animals. There are loads of options.

For this game you will need:


  • Card, enough for two squares each, at least. 
  • Backing paper all in the same colour so you can’t see the colour of the squares when they’re back-side up. 
  • Stickers with at least two identical stickers (US Link)
  • Glue
  • Sticky paper (optional) (US Link)
  1. Cut your cards to equal size – we used 8 cards – and glue to backing paper. 
  2. Cut into individual squares again
  3. We covered these in sticky paper to prolong their lives
  4. Glue matching stickers on two cards at a time. 

To play, turn all the cards upside down so that one plain colour is looking up at you. Turn round one card, see i.e. the snake and a blue snail. Turn back. Turn round two new cards, i.e. Elephant ant a blue snail. Keep the blue snail, and go back to the previous blue snail, taking them out of the game. Turn the elephant around again, and turn two new cards, until all the cards are paired up.


Check back next week for more Busy Bag ideas. You will need an ice tray, mini muffin tray or something with similar compartments, shaving foam, food colouring and a paintbrush.

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Busy Bag: Memory Game

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