Colours: Black, red, yellow, green, blue
Shapes: Cirlcle, rectangle
Field trip: Olympic games (Playing sports)
Playdough: Gold, silver, bronze

Big Shout out to Sun Hats and Wellie Boots for all her great Olympics Ideas!

Monday: Olympic torches

Good morning Campers!

We are halfway! I can’t believe it! We are having so much fun in our house, every Monday morning my boys are very excited to see what the new theme is, and as an added bonus, they are really, really excited about the playdough. This is all new to me!

We started the week off by reading a book about the Olympics in Ancient Greece. My boys couldn’t stop giggling about the fact that the athletes didn’t wear clothes, are they ever going to be disappointed next week when the modern Olympics start 🙂

I made yellow, orange and grey playdough with glitter, to resemble gold, silver and bronze. I forgot that glitter goes everywhere and sticks to everything. My poor husband looked really, really pretty going to work all sparkly! We baked olympic torches in cones, decorated it with orange frosting and mandarin oranges. My kids were ecstatic! As usual I made an easy to read recipe for my oldest.

Tuesday: Flags 

We made our torches on Tuesday. We did bubble painting on loo rolls, and then stuck tissue paper and a glow stick inside. My children are addicted to glow sticks. We also started eating our way around the world this week, we had Greek, Italian, American, and Mexican (so far!) I added a world map to our kitchen wall and we add a little flag from each country we “visit” for dinner. My favourite part of this week was when I put the map up and my children started asking me about geography. After pointing out several countries and cities, my oldest looked at me and asked: “so, where would ‘off the map’ be?” he cracks me up!

Wednesday: Headbands

On Wednesday we made olive leaf crowns by Stamping circles with glue and the sprinkling glitter on top. Once again, glitter everywhere! But the boys were intrigued and excited!

Thursday: Olympic medal chart , great math activity! We’ll follow the countries where our family lives

We didn’t do much in the line of crafts on Thursday, but we did run hurdles in the living room. The picture is blurry, because my boys are SO fast!

Friday: Edible medals and Rainbow cake with the olympic colours 

We used Friday to catch up on a few things. We started the morning off by playing a little balloon tennis. Then we made Canadian flags with bingo markers, and then baked sugar cookies medals and decorated them. I totally cheated with these cookies and used a mix. The boys greatly enjoyed decorating these. 
I decided to extend the Olympic theme for another week, we will make the medal chart and a whole lot of other fun crafts next week, stay tuned!

I hope you all have a wonderful week of playing and spending time together as a family!  If you want to share pictures from your activities, please add them to the Flickr Album!

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