• Colours: brown, yellow, black,green
  • Shapes: rectangle, oval
  • Sensory play: finger painting
  • Field trip: Zoo

Shopping list: Ingredients for meatballs/ meatloaf and salad buffet. Choc chip cookie mix (and whatever you need to mix it with) paint, glue, fancy scissors, construction paper, clothes pegs, split pins.

P.S.: Save some Mismatched socks, and empty water bottles for next week!

From a procrastination point of view, this week went spectacularly well! For some reason, we got very little done.
Monday kicked off with a slight change in plans. Originally the theme for this week was “wild dogs”, at the request of my 5yr old. He changed his mind on Sunday night and together with his brother decided that they would prefer “safari!” That’s okay, If there’s anything this Mama knows, it’s rolling with the punches!

Monday: Potato printing tracks/ spots, backpacks

The potato printing did not work out! I had the best intentions of turning a cardboard box into a jeep, and have the children do fingerprinting and potato printing to decorate it, it sadly never happened. We did make the back packs! I used brown paper bags instead, and it worked great. We used a wall hanging we had and did wax crayon rubbings. The boys were fascinated with the process.

Tuesday: meatballs/ meatloaf (Children measure and mix ingredients), binoculars

Tuesday we tried our hand at the binoculars. I think I slightly overestimated my children here. If anyone tries this at home, I would suggest finger paint or tissue paper for covering the loo rolls. Our regular paper, wouldn’t stick and it turned into a decoupage activity. No fun with preschoolers! I also made a few fresh batches of playdough. I added course lemon lavender sea salt to the yellow batch to make sure it was a little more tactile. I provided feathers, googley eyes and other bits and pieces. My little guy decided to make an “animal” I thinks it looks pretty scary, if I met this creature in the middle of the night, all bets would be off!

For dinner on Tuesday we made meatballs, I wrote a very simple recipe (click here for the printable recipe) for my little reader and we were off! My children greatly enjoyed this activity. We served the meatballs with a salad buffet, everyone started with a base of lettuce and I made a variety of toppings and dressings available. I have never seen my boys tuck into their dinner like this meal, I am sure my 5 year old ate at least 6 meatballs and the little guy loaded up on salad toppings and dressing, he tried everything we offered. We talked about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores during dinner, and the boys decided that they are carnivores and proceeded to show us their ferocious teeth!

Wednesday: “Nature” walk and collage with found objects ( my boys will want to take binoculars)

We were supposed to go on a nature walk, but instead rescued several animals from our playroom, and set up an animal hospital on the deck. We discovered that coffee filters make wonderful cones and that everyone feels better when they recover in an outdoor fort! The children bandaged, fed and cared for those animals all week. There are still a few with bandages that no one is allowed to remove. I made a yummy snack by cutting animal shapes out of watermelon using teeny tiny cookie cutters and combined it with “Safari mix”

Thursday: Choc- chip cookie wild dogs (circles with ears), elephants

We made the Elephants and the boys insisted that they are kissing elephants. We also discovered that our library has free family story time so we headed over there and picked up a few new story books for next week. We did actually read a lot of books about animals this week and I’ve found our local library to be a great resource. My children love when I read them stories.

Friday: Handprint Lion Craft

We finally made our choc chip cookies this morning, the boys were so excited. The little one got to crack his first egg and then wanted to add several more, I had to explain that we only needed one, he was not best pleased!

On Saturday Daddy played cricket and there’s a lovely park by the field, so we took our binoculars and backpacks and went on our Safari walk! We make a nice collage while watching the match!
If the weather holds we might head to the zoo sometime this weekend.
Have a great week of play everyone!

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