Colours: Green orange
Shapes: triangle, oval
Sensory: Sensory box
Playdough: Green and orange with course seasalt
Field trip: Museum/ Jurassic forest

Shopping list:
Eggs, food colouring, vinegar, potatoes, oatmeal cookie ingredients, raisins, clothes pins, cardstock, paint, googly eyes, old sock

I was a little apprehensive about this theme, my children are not all that into dinosaurs, I used to love them when I was little, so I thought I would see if I could spark a little interest! As usual we picked up a load of books at our local library, and that greatly helped!

  • Monday: Dino eggs , dinosaur track potato printing

Instead of playdough, I combined the sensory box with cloud dough, what a mess!! To make cloud dough, you need 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil. I used whole wheat flour because I had loads of it in my freezer. Now, the different blog posts all suggest your children wear old clothes when playing with cloud dough. How I wish I had listened to this little pearl of wisdom. We started off outside, but sadly our mosquito problem has gotten exponentially worse over the last couple of weeks, thanks to the heavy rain we’ve had, so the operation moved to the bathtub! We seriously have two seasons, snow and Mosquitos.

I served peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, but I cut them with this wonderful sandwich cutter I found at the local Walmart. It removes the crusts and cuts the bread into Dino shapes, without waste! The boys had dinos on a rocky beach for lunch!

  • Tuesday: Clothes pin dinosaur

I froze several small dinosaurs into a large Tupperware container and kept it in the freezer for two days. I gave each of the boys a small hammer and started praying for the safety of little fingers. They had a blast! They couldn’t believe that they had the green light to destroy something!

It quickly turned into a rescue mission, the poor dinos were stuck and they were they only ones who could save them. Then, being the geek I am, I gave them some salt to experiment with melting. They loved it.

We also made the dinosaur eggs today, it was surprisingly easy, and didn’t taste of food coloring or vinegar! I added them to the lunch plates. Below you’ll see dinosaur eggs and bones at the dig site.

  • Wednesday: Dino excavation from ice

Was spent in the park, we had a long play and picnic with friends, isn’t that the best part of summer? I added all the little dinosaurs that the boys rescued to the tub that night for bath time.

  • Thursday: Dino poop cookies (Oatmeal, raisin cookies)

We made the dinosaur poop cookies on thursday. No recipe here, sorry! We basically used oatmeal, choc chip cookie mix (I am a bit of a fan of cookie and cake mixes!) and added Skor (caramel) bits and coconut. Everyone loved these! I am sure this “recipe” will stick around, in fact I have already had requests to make them again!

  • Friday: Dinosaur sock puppet

A little bit of a craft marathon today! We started off with the bitey dinosaurs, which the boys have been playing with non stop! Later in the afternoon we did dinosaur track potato printing. My boys then surprised me by asking “which craft is next Mom.” I had nothing! So I quickly printed a very simple coloring page and gave them each a bingo marker with the instructions to try and stay inside the lines. It was a fun way to practice that concept.

We have a long weekend here, so on Monday we will head to a local dinosaur themed park for our field trip. They have a hike with several dinosaurs along the way, excavation sites and a Dino themed playground. I cannot wait, I am just hoping we will not be eaten alive by the mozzies!

Happy playing everyone!

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