Time is just not on my side these days. With two children to look after and everything else that’s on my plate, my time online is fairly limited, and when I finally get round to it, I’m normally too tired to do much more than I have to.

321/366 – A smile a minute

My mother spent almost a week in hospital after paliative surgery, and we visited daily. Aviya took a fancy to the sick bucket which we put on her as a hat. Fun times. The things you do to amuse yourself in hospital. 322/366 – Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop

We went to a street festival in Mt Lawley, Perth with my dad. It was sweltering hot, so the energy levels were a little low, but Ameli went on a horse ride, which she loved! 323/366 – Perth City Open Top Bus Tour

We decided to grab a touristy day while we can, so my gran, sister and the girls and I went on an Open Top Bus tour of Perth city. Ironically, with all our up and down to the hospital and getting lost repeatedly without GPS we’ve seen most of the areas the tour showed us, but at least they gave us more information that you get on the map! The first picture is Perth from Kings Park, the second are locks that lovers and sweethearts have fastened outside the Bell Tower (I’d love to know how many of those relationships are still going!) Bottom left the girls are ‘chatting’ to each other, and right is Aviya, fast asleep and unfussed by the tour!

324/366 – Coffee Time
A girl after her mama’s heart, Ameli loves ‘coffee’ – babychinnos are the best since they don’t contain any caffeine, but she feels like she’s having coffee too!

326/366 – Christmas Decorations

It’s Christmas time, but sweltering in the heat, it  doesn’t feel like it. I always missed summer Christmases my first few years in England. Then I spent a Christmas in South Africa two years ago and it just didn’t feel like Christmas! I missed the cold, the dark, the pretty lights, the mulled wine. I miss those again this year. It’s just too hot to get into the spirit of things! But we’re trying with some home made decorations!

Are you thinking of joining us next year? Or perhaps you did this year and want to try again! Keep an eye out for the anouncements for Mamatography 2013!

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