The last 14 days or so have been incredibly manic and my camera has barely left it’s bag, with a few exceptions. I’m a bit sad that there will be these gaps in our album at the end of the year, but such is life!

153/365 – Mama

My sister moaned that there wasn’t a picture of me on my BlackBerry Messenger. I took this one. It’s the only one I took all day, and the only angle that didn’t include too much of my personal belongings strewn across the floor and all over the place.

154/365 – Baby Girl Sitting Up

It’s just beautiful. When she sleeps, she’s beautiful, when she wakes, she’s beautiful, when she cries, she’s beautiful and when she smiles… actually there isn’t a time when Aviya isn’t beautiful. Oh, and she’s trying to sit up. She strains her whole body. It won’t be long now.

156/365 – Day Out

We had an absolutely lovely day out with our friends Ellie, Chloe, Emma and Freddie when our picnic in the forest turned into a picnic in Ellie’s living room and a wander around a local Jubilee Festival. I only just realised in looking at these pictures that our girls were colour coded!

159/365 – Painting Prints

We made some prints for Father’s Day and I loved this series of pictures. Such concentration. She loved the hand painting so much we even did another hand painting project!

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  1. I LOVE the intense concentration in the painting pics! Also love the self-portrait 🙂

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