I was quite surprised today, when I was putting together this Mamatography post. I didn’t think I had anything to share, but had a glance through my phone pictures and found that while I’ve barely taken my camera out I have been snapping images of my girls. I’m pleased that it’s such a habit for me now. I’m so grateful that while everything else in my life is just ‘going on’ I’ll have these moments to look back on.

248/366 – Happy Half Birthday Aviya

On Thursday Aviya was 6 months old. Isn’t she a beauty? I felt a bit bad that on Ameli’s half birthday we had a birthday cake, but for Aviyas’s I only cooked a special dinner. I am on quite a restrictive food plan at the moment, and to be honest, with my mother’s news on Tuesday, I’m really in no mood to be baking cakes.

249/366 – Shopping

Perhaps it’s because we don’t use a pushchair, that being popped in a trolley with wheels is quite an adventure, but the girls find shopping this way quite fun. Well, Ameli does – Aviya probably finds it more curious!

250/366 Ringsling

We’ve borrowed a Ring Sling from our good friend Rhiannon as Aviya’s made it clear that she likes being carried on my hip. I’m loving the freedom to cook and so on, as I find it hard to chop and stir at the stove without being able to see when she’s on my front. She loves a back carry, but only if there’s something going on. Pottering about in the kitchen is not what she considers something ‘going on’ .

I thoroughly love this picture. Here’s why I call her Pixie girl. She’s so gorgeous.

251/366 – Babes in the Kitchen

I’ve always wanted a FunPod for Ameli, but it wasn’t really in our budget. We were given one recently and Ameli’s quite happy without it, and Aviya just loves being in it. She likes standing, rather than sitting or lying, and I’ve given up on the Bumbo, so this is her new home in the kitchen. She can stand in this for a good 20 minutes, just grinning away and looking at what’s going on around her. I love how involved she is with her world. It’s magic.

253/366 – Babes in the Woods

Another Little Acorns forest explorer mission for us, and here’s my little explorer, hugging a tree. I know I’ve said it before (repeatedly!)  but heaven knows I love these girls. They’ve opened my eyes up to so much, and taken me so many places. What a gift.

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures. 


Mamatography Week 38 : Life Going On

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve been visiting here – the girls are gorgeous and look full of spunk and love. So nice to see. Hope you are so, so well. Remember our lives just three years ago? What a crazy adventure we were begininning. It seems lifetimes ago now.

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