We’ve had a crazy busy few weeks, but it’s been fun. I’ve been looking after a friend’s children, my Ameli has been on holiday from preschool and we’ve just had a lot of fun, and  not a whole lot of time to write or blog.

96/365 – Garden Fun

I’ve been working hard on getting the garden de-swamped and looking more like a child-friendly place again. I turned an old cot into a chalk board and water wall. The kids love it.

97/365  Rainbow Ribbons

I bought really cheap rainbow ribbons and again, the girls just love it. Cheap and entertaining. Love it.

98/365 – Thermie Curry

I have never been a fan of curries, until I started making my own. My favourite is chicken and coconut milk. Yum yum yum. We had friends come over for lunch, so this was it. And I do love how quick and easy it is in the Thermomix!

99/365- Spring Cake

I love the Disney Cakes and Sweets magazines. They come out with some brilliant things, and the Easter special was this beautiful chocolate mould. It’s just gorgeous. I wanted to make Aviya’s birthday cake with it, but it didn’t arrive in time, so alas – I had to arrange another party just to make this gorgeous cake.

100/365 – Spring Party

We had a fabulous spring party with friends. It was just brilliant. I had the opportunity to use all those little things I keep for ‘one day’. The beautiful tea pot I bought years ago. Things like that. It was great to see them all in use.


101/365 – Mud Bath

Seriously. Children and mud. What gives? We have a mud kitchen in the garden. Do you think they get muddy? No. No, they wait till we’re out and about, wearing tights. Then they look all cute and sweet, and excited. And before you know it, bam. Covered in mud. (I love it, really)

102/365 – Garden Play

More garden play. I have invested a lot of time in the garden so this makes me really, really happy!

103/365 – Fancy Dress

Childhood – and having fun – sees no difference in gender. I love how children don’t see gender stereotypes unless we impose them.

104/365 – Pond Dipping

The Basingstoke Canal Centre  has an amazing pond for going pond dipping in. It’s full of all sorts of wild life and is simply brilliant for the children. They love it!

105/365 – Neptune

Ameli was invited to an ‘enchanted ocean’ party, so she went as Neptune. She looked fab!

108/365 – Kew Gardens, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Kew Gardens had an event for the celebration of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s 50th anniversary. We had a day out, and a lot of fun planned, but we added some value by printing out Golden Tickets for the kids.

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