We’ve spent this week going from one beautiful place to the next. We are so blessed in this time of our lives.

Day 189 – Zucchini Flowers

We made some of these beautiful zucchini flowers that we bought in Italy on our camping stove in Switzerland today. Just their colour makes me feel warm and happy. Then comes the taste…

Day 190 – Sleeping Under the Heavens

Ameli having a nap while Martin and I prepare lunch. The campsite had this lovely outdoor kitchen area, complete with Aga which I wished I could take home with me and pop in my own non-existant garden.

Day 191 – Aunty D

As we drove in to the little town of Sreser we saw my sister there, standing talking to someone. I pulled Ameli in to the front seat and she saw her aunty and let out a squeel of delight. They walked back to where we were staying and Ameli smiled all the way.  My sister was with me when Ameli was born, and they have had a very special bond ever since, but I think this is the first time Ameli visibly and outwardly recognised her.

Day 192 – Soccer/Football World Cup Final

Quite a tough match to watch with an overtired little one, and honestly the only reason I watched was because I know it’s one of key moments in history people always refer back to. “So where were you during the 2010 World Cup?” I know the 1996 Rugby World Cup is still referred to often enough! Anyway, so here’s some of me, watching the game in a tiny little Konoba (pretty much a bar on a corner) in Sreser, Croatia.

Day 193 – Water Baby

Ameli loves the water. It’s been great. Born in water, never cried during a bath, splashes the whole bathroom during bath time, loves swimming and now loves the ocean. Every time we leave the house and walk toward the sea, she squeels with delight at the first glimpse of the ocean. When we let her walk, she walks right to it. It’s fantastic. My mother always said I should have been a fish, and I believe I can now say the same about my little girl.

Day 194 – Tristenik, Croatia

This beautiful, tiny port is regular host to seafarers from all over. We come here for the pizza, and my sister and her boyfriend come for the beach parties when it is packed full of ships. The more vessels, the bigger the party, apparently (when the party only starts at 11pm, it’s tough to take your baby along, sadly, so we didn’t go). For me, I just love looking at the boats. It reminds me of my favourite poem Wanderthirst by Gerald Gould – “the old ships sail to home again, the young ships sail away”.

Day 195 – Family

Martin and I have travelled a lot in our seven or so years together, and this is the first vacation where we’ve stayed in the same spot for nine days. It’s really been lovely, waking up whenever, having a slow breakfast, going for a swim, having an ice cream, having lunch, then a nap followed by another swim, a bit of a walk, dinner either locally or at a neighbouring village, perhaps a little sightseeing, an evening swim and then to bed. It’s been wonderfully unusual.

Thank you so much for joining us for our week in pictures


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