I seem to be saying that I’ve had a dull week quite a lot lately, yet when I look at the pictures, there always seems to be things happening in my life. Although we’ve been overwhelmed by the world’s worst case of ‘teething baby’, and fevers and stomach bugs in all three of us, we do still seem to find time and energy for the act of living.

Day 70 – Out of my Price Range

I went to a seminar on childhood eczema in a truly beautiful hotel in London. The hotel, The Sanderson, is so totally out of my price range, with rooms from £275 to £1250 per night, but I loved the elevator. This is a really bad clip taken on my camera phone while carrying a bag and a nappy bag and a baby, so excuse the quality, but hopefully you can enjoy the planetary experience with me. It was like floating in outer space.

Day 71 – Twitter Meets IRL (In Real Life)

A day trip to South Kensington to meet some of my Twitter friends, @urbanvox (Yuri) and his lovely wife @glowstars (Vic). They are also avid bloggers, and I look forward to getting to know them  better!

Day 72 – Daddy Makes it all Better

Day 73 – A Baby Shower

Another day out, this time to a press event. Again, I didn’t actually take this picture. But I saw it, and I saw it taken, so hoping that counts!

Day 74 – Mother’s Day

My first Mother’s Day. I remember as a child at church always thinking the moms were so lucky cause they all got chocolates. Now I’m a mama too, and I had a fantastic lunch with my two favourite people, my husband and my daughter.

Day 75 -  Domestic Diva Day

Earning my stripes as a stay at home mom, I spent the day baking and cooking. Fabulous Apple and Banana Bread, and Cardamom Braid aromas filled the house along with the stews and soups I made for the freezer.

Day 76 -  Spring on the Fire Escape

I am no fan of these change of season days where it’s too warm to be cold, but too cold to be warm. The heating is off, but the blankets are on. I never know what to wear, and inevitably end up sick. Almost seven years and I’ve still not got the hang of it! Stepping out on to the fire escape for a moment to try to assess the situation, I was greeted by these beauties which my dad planted last year while I was nestling in with my newborn baby. Guess these’ll have very special meaning to me this spring/summer. Thank you Dad.

Thank you for sharing our week in pictures!

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  1. Oooo nice one meeting real life online friends! I havent met anyone yet but CyberMummy will change that. Not too sure who lives near me either! We need a blogger map lol.
    That lift is SO cool! I love it! I want one in my home lol!
    .-= Hayley´s last blog ..The Gallery : Who am I? =-.

    1. @Hayley, Oooh. so looking forward to CyberMummy. Totally hope I can get a ticket soon! 🙂 We should get a blogger map! That would be so cool! And yes, I’m planning a lift like that in my palace! 🙂

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