This week had serious ups and downs. We were away on holiday on the Isle of Wight, and one of the highlights was our visit to Blackgang Chine – an amazing theme park with ‘villages’ for fairies (120), cowboys, and more and an absolutely brilliant dinosaur enclosure. After a fabulous day, the next evening saw me in hospital when my gall bladder suddenly started playing up. While I was waiting for admission I was given ‘gas and air’ and kept thinking I was going to be really cross in the morning when there was no baby after all that Entonox! (121).

We’re still doing the #50things challenge with the National Trust and we’ve been growing butterflies! When we came home from the Isle of Wight all our caterpillars had formed chrysalis, so that’s an exciting development. (123) I dragged my sorry self out of bed to take the girls to see Frozen on Bank Holiday Monday. They absolutely loved it and a week and a half later are still singing the songs! (125)

We paid another visit to Hobbledown Farm, although it was a much more low-key day than last time, since I have no energy at all! (126) And finally, for the first time since we’ve been back, I made my way into the garden to see how my plant babies are doing. I’m pleased to say they survived the week without me, and were ready for some thinning out – here’s my first harvest of baby leaves: I made sure to eat every last tasty morsel. (127)

Week 19


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Mamatography Week 19: Fairies, Hospitals And Fun

  1. I remember growing butterflies when I was at primary school. It was so exciting. Must remember to do it with my girls. We’re Frozen fans here too – I have to sing Let It Go at bedtime every night!

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