Ameli is only four years old and I have never tried to force her to learn to read. Her dad has read to her pretty much every night of her life, with a few months’ exception when her Oupa (grandad) did too. She was only just three when she started asking us what different words were, or what letters were, or how they sounded, so when we first saw a free trial of reading eggs, we tried it.

Ameli was very small still and would only do a few of the ‘games’ at a time before running off, but over the months of our subscription, she got more and more into it.  Learn To Read With Reading Eggs

Initially, she would read a word, like ‘chick’ and say the word ‘chick’ but not realise that she was reading, so if I asked her to read the word, she’d say she can’t read! We never forced anything, but we’d get really ‘excited’ when she read a word, and that excited her – so she kept going, learning to read with Reading Eggs.

Ameli also started carrying a notebook and pen around, and asking us all what we wanted to eat – and then how to spell that. She’d write pages and pages of letters. No, we couldn’t decipher them, mostly, but it was a start.

As I sit writing this, she’s having her ‘learning time’ as she calls it when she asks for it, and is playing the Reading Eggs game and is about half way through the program. She’s doing so well, I am so proud of my little girl!

So let me tell you a little more about Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs is an online reading and maths program for children aged 3 up. We only do the reading at the moment, but when the program is done we might go on to the maths if she’s interested in it.

The big thing with Reading Eggs is that she’s playing games, all the time learning.

There are 120 reading lessons that travel through 12 maps with ten letters or letter combinations in each map. Each letter has a number of games to help children recognise the letter and the sound it makes. You can find out more details about these games on the website itself.

As they play the games they collect eggs, which can then be used in the ‘shop’ to buy accessories for their avatar, or used in the arcade.


Reading Eggs is played on line, so you’ll need internet access, but there are also free printable resources that underpin what you’ve learned in the lessons.

While children play and learn, summaries of their lessons and progress are emailed to the named email address – a parent’s normally – at the end of each map, which is nice as it shows you what they’ve learned so you can help them underpin and encourage them.

Reading Eggs offers everyone a two week trial so you can see if your child is ready for it. There are the pre-reader section for those who don’t read yet, and the early reader for those with some reading experience.

Aside from the reading, books and learning sections of Reading Eggs, there’s a whole game area too, and a shop for ‘buying’ ,as well as songs you can learn to compliment the games.

If your little one is looking reading ready, or you want to help them out a little before they head to school, or even if they’re at school and need a little extra help, there are hours upon hours of game time for the  £29.95 or £39.95 for 6 or 12 months.

Normally you can sign up for a free 2 week offer with Reading Eggs. Use this code to claim FOUR free weeks instead!


Totally worth it in my book!

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Learning To Read With Reading Eggs

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