It’s National Storytelling week soon, and I’ve been looking at ways to engage the children interactively in the art of storytelling.  We did story sticks last year, which was a big hit, but I want to try something else this year. Here are some exciting ideas to look at and try for National Story Telling Week:

National Storytelling Week

1) Story Wheel

I found two different approaches to the Story Wheel –

Learning Parade uses the story wheel for The Gruffalo (and there’s a fab free download of that story, but it’s a good start for other stories too, and a fabulous idea).national story telling week


Rainy Day Mum has a different approach to the story wheel, and it’s highly adaptable and easy to do.

2) Story Stones

I love story stones and since we live right on a pebble beach, it’s high on my to do list – which is where it has stayed for two years! I must get on that this year! Room 5 Teacher has a fabulous post on making these story stones, so find out more there. 


Etsy also has an amazing collection of story stones for sale, if you feel like buying them instead.

3) Story Board

This would require a little more prep from me than involvement by the children, in the preparation, at least, but a story board is a great way to tell a story, check the ability to remember the sequence of events and do a timeline of those events. See the post from Rockabyebutterfly for more

4) Story Baskets

I love the idea of story baskets. They’re so good for visualising the stories, but then also for taking the story further in your own imaginations – create your own sequel, so to speak. Here are some amazing story basket ideas fromSun Hats and Wellie Boots

5) Story Walks

Another fab idea from Rainy Day Mum is the story walk. Tell a story and get outside at the same time!

If there are two adults, one could even go ahead and leave clues or toys from the story basket in the path to help the story unfold!


6) Story Dice

We often use paper dice in our learning journey. They make for a fun, active and interactive time, which involves movement – an important element of learning for my 7-year-old.  We used them last when we were learning about different feelings.

HappyThought has a great printable for Story Dice (it will cost you $3.50, but can give you some good ideas either way.)How to tell a story with your child using paper

7) Roll-A-Story

Free to download if you sign up is the Roll-A-Story idea from Teachers Pay Teachers where the roll of the dice determines the outcome of the story.  This is a Christmas tale, but again, it can give you ideas for making your own.

Christmas Roll-a-Story

8) Story Jars

Story Jars are such a simple idea, I can’t think why I haven’t thought of it myself before – we’ve used jars for all sorts of other things!  But here it is, the idea from Kitchen Counter Chronicle complete with printable story prompts.

storytelling prompts for kids

9) Story Sticks

There are dozens of different story stick ideas around. I like this one from One Teachers Adventures which  includes a lesson on the 5 W’s of story telling (What, When, Where, Why & Who). 

The Fabulous First Grader has another approach, with story prompts to help you get started.


We do a different story stick where we have different characters – my girls love fairies – that we use to play act different stories involving fairies. Story Sticks

Or another with Dragon Story Sticks

Dragon Tales Story Sticks


10) Further Resources

Find out more about National Story Telling Week at the Society For Storytelling with their resources for National Story Telling week.

The educators resource website Twinkl also has a ton of resources for National Story Telling Week, so some of them will only be accessible to members.

The Literacy Trust has great ideas for getting involved in National Storytelling Week as well as a map of ‘literacy professionals and storytellers’ you can get in touch with to see what they are offering.


10 Storytelling Tools For Kids

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