Taking a step back in time for a moment, back to books for little ones, we’re looking at the Growing Together series by Taro Gomi. These picture books feature different family members as they learn from one another.

Growing Together


Growing is a big brother telling his little brother that he too, will grow up. He goes through all the trials and tribulations of infancy to encourage his brother and say that he’ll make it through all the big things, like sleeping and having his nappy changed. I love the breastfeeding baby in this picture book. It’s all very realistic and natural. My 4-year-old loves the picture of the baby poo’ing!


Imagining shows a daughter imagining what her mum was before she was her mum. She runs backwards through the stages of life – mother, lady, teenager, child and so on. I did laugh at the change from ‘lady’ to mother – she lost her earrings and became rather plainly dressed. I can relate!

Growing Together Taro Gomi


Well, I wish I’d read this one with my girls earlier! This story has two sisters who share everything, from crafting to soft toys, sweets and more. It’s saccharine sweet.


love this book. It has a boy and his dad going on adventures by bike, car and even plane and space ship. They play and explore and have fun. It’s really sweet. This four book set comes in a case and each little book is hard covered.  They are aimed at kids aged 2 – 5 and are ideal for those learning to read as most pages have just one line of text on them.  This is a great read-together book.Taro Gomi Growing Together

  • Hardcover: 96 illustrations in the four books
  • Age Range: 2-5
  • Publisher:  Phaidon Press 13 April 2016

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