Day 156/365 – Tea With Ben Cohen

Well, actually we had tea with a bunch of people, one of whom was ex-rugby player Ben Cohen, who is working on an event with Persil – I still need to write that up, but it’s been such a busy two weeks, I haven’t had a chance yet.

We had to wait for the late train to take us home, so Aviya and I took a walk around in London. That was good fun!

Day 157/365 – Home

I was really tired after yesterday’s excursion, so we spent the day at home. It was a good day. Our courgette (zucchini) plant blossomed for the first time, and Ameli did some more of her letter ‘writing’.

Day 158/365 – The Hat

Our friend Ellie knitted this hat for Avi when she was born, but Ameli loves it, and she decided she needed it for rain protection!

Day 159/365 – New Toys
Well, just a few new apps. I stayed up way too late playing with pictures.
Day 160/365 – Coloured Rice
Another home day, for the most part. I’m not sure why but I am just staying home as much as possible at the moment. It’s partly to avoid spending money, but it’s also in an attempt to forge something of a home. It’s hard to form a routine when you’re never around.
Day 161/365 – Remember the happy

We actually had a pretty rubbish day. All this at home time is not great for Ameli. She needs so much stimulation, it’s quite hard sometimes.  Today seemed really shouty, whiney and moany for all of us, till Daddy came in with a book and read her a story – those were 5 peaceful minutes, but you know… we capture the happy.

Day 162/365 –  Love Bombing 

It’s been a rough few days, so we decided Ameli and I need some time on our own. We went out for a movie, which was quite nice. We’re trying the ‘Love Bombing’ thing at the moment, anyway.

Day 168/365 – Butterflies and all

I have no idea where this week went and I can’t understand how I can’t find many photos at all for almost five days.  That’s a bit random for me, but hey ho! At least I make up for in quality, right? Ameli asked me a few questions about butterflies recently, so I thought we’d do a butterfly day. I have bought loads of activity books over the last while, and one of them had two pages on butterflies, so we read the butterfly story, and did some crafts. I wrote a whole post about the butterfly learning. It was a great day.

Thanks for joining us for our week(s) in pictures!

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

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