Every year I participate in just one set of ‘vote for me’ blogging awards. I do that for you, my readers, because quite frankly, I can’t stand them, and assume you don’t want to be bombarded with every blogging award plea out there.

And sometimes there are plenty.

The thing is, I don’t want to be begging you to vote all the time, because that’s not what I’m here for. I don’t like being bombarded with them, and don’t want to do it to you, either.

So, every year, I ask you to nominate Diary of a First Child in the MADS, and for three of the four years, we’ve made it to the finals. Never quite won, but the finals is something, at least. Then every year, I ask you to vote for me in the finals, and many of you do. Thanks for that.

Why do I participate in the MADS though?

Well, I was that kid in school. I sat in the front, I answered the questions, and if I didn’t get an A, or at the very least a B, I’d be upset. Not least because we only got ‘reward’ money for A’s. I was that person in my work place too. If ever I did something to just a little less than the best of my abilities, I’d hear a voice in my head reminding me that ‘the way you do what you do is a reflection of who you are!’… so I always worked to the best of my abilities.

And that’s carried through to my blogging, how I raise my children,, and the activities we do at home too.  Just me, trying to do the best I can.

I like a bit of validation for the hours I spend on these pages every day. That’s why I love your comments, your retweets and your repins. It means you like what we’re doing. And I appreciate that.

So, here we are again… that time of year, where I’m asking you to please vote for me in the MADS!

Here are the categories that I can be nominated in. (If you nominate me in them all, your nomination may not be counted!)

  • Blog of the Year: Diary of a First Child
  • Best Blog for Family Fun : Diary of a First Child
  • Best Food Blog: Keeper of the Kitchen
  • Best New Blog: Keeper of the Kitchen

Thank you lovely readers. Nominate us now, vote for us later and totally make my day.

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