I don’t know about you but among the daily chaos of making sure the children are fed, washed, clothed, and some education has taken place, I sometimes plow my way through the detritus of laundry and toys just to find my way to bed, and there are a few things that really do not receive any attention from me until they become critical – like the cobwebs on the high landing that are going to require the purchase of a ladder for me to get rid of, that pile of ‘filing’ that I worry could spontaneously burn the house down one day, and similar jobs that are so rare I tend to put them off forever. It’s a good thing that cars legally have to have an MOT, otherwise that’s another thing that would just fall by the wayside. I had an MOT last week and one of the advisories they mentioned is that the back left tyre on my car is 14 years old and should be replaced with the help of a professional auto repair specialist at some point! I’m guessing it’s the spare that came with the car because otherwise that’s some seriously good value out of that tyre, but when I saw their ‘note’ I did feel worried about the safety of it!
I’ll admit that things like tyre pressure and inflation pretty much belong on the same mental list in my head as that cobweb and filing, so I boiled the kettle and set to Google to find out some things about tyres (it’s also worth noting how your insurance and warrantees, such as the audi warranty, are affected by incorrect maintenance.) and anything else I could find out about my honda that I apparently don’t maintain it well enough.
Here’s what I learnt:

Tyre pressure:

If your tyre pressure is too low,  it causes the sides to drop, creating uneven tyre wear and reducing effectiveness – it increases braking distance on wet roads, resistance to aquaplaning, and increases the risk of both over and understeering. There’s also the risk of tyre damage which means replacing the tyre sooner. So in order to be 100% sure about your tyres you should always consult an expert. For old worn out tyres you should replace them right away and one such place to buy new car tyres online from is Point S. Some auto parts like bed liners are also available on https://www.americanlisted.com/all_states_0/car_parts_3/73+87+chevy+truck+bed/.

Low tire pressure always is more dangerous than high tire pressure. When tires are deflated, more rubber touches the ground, the tires heat up and you’re in danger of a blowout.

Fuel economy:

Different sources on the web have claims that low tyre pressure means you use more fuel and that under-inflation of the tyre by 10 percent increases gas consumption by 2 percent.

Risk factors:

Using worn out tyres – I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to anyone – increase the risk of accidents especially truck accidents. They have poor grip which increases the risk of accidents, and tyre ageing means they become worn out and should be replaced, be sure to see this. Bulging tires are also a sign of wear and tear, should this happen, they should be immediately replaced with new nissan tires.

It seems the tread on my really old tyre is still good, so that’s a bonus for now, but I will be needing to replace it soon anyway, but as we head off on various travels and road trips over the summer, I for one will be paying more attention to my tyre pressure! I hope you will too!


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