Last year when I was still just a new blogger with a new blog about a little girl, I wrote a post about packing your nappy bag. The ZPM nappy bag I had was great, but I had a problem with the fact that it wasn’t very portable as it didn’t have a shoulder strap. I shared my concerns with Zoe, the owner of ZPM, and here, about a year later, is the new and improved ZPM nappy bag.

It is smaller than the old bag, which is great for a nappy bag on the move – especially now that Ameli’s older and we more often than not pop out with a nappy and some wipes in my handbag, and nothing else.

My favourite feature about this bag was always, and still is the 360°c silver swivelling hook. When you’re in a public changing area, there’s nothing worse than having to put the bag (or the baby) on dirty surfaces. The changing mat is great for that, and easy to clean.

The inner compartments have more treats that I’ve not had in any other nappy bag – dispensing pockets for wet wipes and nappy bags. The wet wipes stay moist and as someone who is forever forgetting them at home, having some in the bag is so useful. There are elasticated pockets on the sides for bits and bobs, and room for a large amount of nappies.
I would love to see this nappy bag in a variety of colours and patterns, as I’m not really a fan of the spots, but it’s unisex and not sickly cutesy, which is good.

The front pouch has pretty much replaced my handbag, and is where my make-up, cash, keys and so on go. And what I love about it is that it’s see-through, so there’s no digging around trying to find things.
We’ve had a few nappy bags over the last 18 months, and really, those ZPM bags are high on my list of favourites. They’re unusual, functional and in my opinion, just make t rips out that little bit easier.

And at £24.50, it’s also one of the better priced nappy bags around!

Soooo… the giveaway.

ZPM have kindly agreed to give one Diary of a First Child reader a Multi Spot Nappy Bag. To enter, leave a comment below to let us know your favourite feature of the nappy bag (check the ZPM website for the full list of features). For ONE additional entry you can also follow ZPM and Diary of a First Child on Facebook or on Twitter, leaving a 2nd comment to say you have (only one additional entry, so max 2 per person.)

Competition closes at noon on 18 April 2011, and the winner will be randomly selected using

You do not have to tweet or share this competition to enter, but doing so helps ensure that I can keep bringing you giveaways! You can subscribe to Diary of a First Child by RSS or email. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. We hope to see you back again soon!

And the winner is: Mandy Moss. Congratulations Mandy, we hope you love the ZPM nappy bag as much as we do.  Even if you’ve not won, this nappy bag is well worth the money, and extremely good value for money! Thanks ZPM for sponsoring this competition.


Nappy Bag Giveaway from ZPM

  1. The best feature is definitely the travel size changing mat. These are great for changing everywhere and anywhere.

  2. Received the nappy bag yesterday, thank you so much. Its fantastic, going to surprise my daughter (her 1st baby is due in five weeks).
    Amanda xx

  3. wow this looks great !!
    the hanging hook is a genius idea, along with the fact it all folds out too, and what a cracking price !!


  4. The best feature is definitely the travel size changing mat. These are great for changing everywhere and anywhere.

  5. The nappy bag has so many great features but I think by favourite is the dispensing pockets for wet wipes and nappy bags.

  6. I love the hanging hook, I hate it when i go to change my sons bottom and i have to put my bag on the floor in the changing room!

  7. I like the fact that it has room for lots of nappies, we use cloth so lots of room is remarkably important!

  8. Like the idea of the front pouch as hate carrying a hand bag and nappy bag as always makes me feel like a pack horse :0)xx

  9. It’s just got to be the dispensing compartments – unbelievably handy. Some wipes holders let the wipes dry out in days but the waterproof material of the ZPM bag will keep them moist.
    Great idea,

  10. I really like the fact that you can hang it up. It means that it can be put slightly out of the way and will not be knocked off anything.

  11. Great idea to have elasticated pockets for jars and creams, better than having them separate or stuck in the bottom of a bag.

  12. I love the fact it hangs. How many times do you go into a changing facility and there is literally no-where to pop your bag down…that’s clean anyway> this would be so handy as can even just hang over the top of the door and leave your hands free too.

    Thanks for the giveaway.xx


  13. I like the travel changing mat; comes in very handy. Don’t want to be resting baby’s bottom on anything unclean!

  14. Dispensing pockets for wipes and bags, very very handy. Quicker then trying to search in a bag whilst keeping your baby still on the mat aha xx

  15. I like the hanging hook, I hate having to put my nappy bag on the floor then keep bending down to get things out or put them away, especially now my little one is rolling over!

  16. Im a fan on FaceBook (sara lambet) shared this blog with my friends,I think its such a great blog.I love the idea of the ZPM nappy pack what a great little thing it is so wonderful

  17. best feature has to be the ‘360°c silver swivelling hook’ great to able hang this up wherever you are using it and still be able to access the pockets

  18. I like that you can get loads in it but its not big and bulky like alot of them are ..and being able to hang it is space saving

  19. I <3 how small it is yet it holds a whole pack of nappies – also love the fact that the pockets are clear making it easy to find things, always a pain ahving to rummage around when the little one has made a mess.


  21. I follow ZPM and Diary of a First Child on Facebook as Marzena Sz and I follow Trolley-Dolly on twitter as @marzutek

  22. I love that it has clear pockets, very handy! And I have to disagree with you on the spots, I think it looks stunning!

  23. I love the fact that you can hang it up and then have it ‘flop’ open to access everything – obviously designed by a mother!!

  24. I love that I can have it hanging on the back of the door in my little ones room and then when it is holiday time we can just roll it up and off we go.

  25. the features i love the most is the fact you can unzip it and hang it up, also the amount of storage pockets it has is absolutely fab , i have liked all pages on facebook and following on twitter @twinklenicci …….fantastic blag and giveawy xx will also be sharing with friends x

  26. I love the fact you can put a whole pack of nappies in as I often leave my son with his granparents when i go to work and it would be so conveinent to put the nappies in and not having to remember to restock every day.

  27. I love the elasticated pockets – there’s always a jar that spills if it’s not held in properly! Following you on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  28. I love the amount of compartments that this bag has ! You can keep everything tidy and organised. I am a follower on twitter and a friend on facebook.

  29. wow! holds a pack of nappies? perfect for me as i am always forgetting to restock !!
    liked on facebook too.

  30. This is the best bag Ive seen and its just so practical I love the fact you can hang it up and I love the bright colours it comes in too.
    Would love to win one!

  31. this may possibly be the best thought out changing bag ever.Awhole pack of nappies,amazing
    already follow on twitter @twitsarahtwit and facebook

  32. I like how it holds so much but it looks nice and small and not bulky ! Also love the hanging hook ! Fab idea !

  33. I like the idea of the hook. Sometimes I go into a public loo with my little one and struggle to find a space for the changing bag while I’m sorting myself or the little one out.

  34. These are lovely! I like the clear pockets as I get tired of digging about in the bottom of our existing nappy bag for stuff. With another baby on the way we could do with an upgrade from the free Boots one anyway!

  35. i absolutely agree with hayley, the fact it holds a whole packet of nappies is amazing, i hate when they only hold one or two and your always having to fill it up.

  36. Love that you can hang it! How handy! Presuming there is somewhere to hang it off of course, I always hated trying to have the nappy bag within a safe reach of baby changing stations when out! Grrrrrr!

  37. I already follow you on facebook and have just liked ZPM too 🙂

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, good luck everyone

  38. I’ve just read the whole features details on this wonderful changing bag, and choosing one feature is really tough!! It has everything I could want from a changing bag! I especially love the fact it can hold a whole pack of nappies and can be hung on a door! Perfect for when you are away for the night or on a short-break!

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