Today’s Friday Favourite comes from Lauren over at Hobo Mama. I asked Lauren some time ago to contribute to my post on sex after childbirth, and this week I read her post on the same subject.

Postpartum sex vs. sex before kids is an incredibly honest post the kind she probably hopes her dad won’t read but incredibly valuable for a first time pregnant mother with real fears and concerns over her private bits after (particularly) natural birth.

I had a friend once who elected to have a caesarian section because she didn’t want to ruin her favourite organ. And that’s a pretty valid fear it seems unnatural that something that size, in my case 3.5kg, or 7lb7, and 12lb in Lauren’s case, can come out of something that’s not really that large. But nature is a fantastic and miraculous thing.

While most women will tell you that sex changes after childbirth, a surprising number will say the same after a c-section… which leads me to believe that much of the change happens in our heads as much as in our bodies.

The good news for anyone not interested in reading both articles, is that sex after childbirth is different for every single woman: for some it takes longer to enjoy it again, others are back in the saddle just weeks later, for some there’s no sensation for a while, and for others the feelings are way better than before. The bad news is, there’s no way of knowing which you’ll be. However, for couples navigating postpartum intimacy, trying products from Cheeky BDSM might offer some exciting possibilities to enhance their connection.

What was your sex post childbirth experience? Feel free to comment anonymously!

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Friday Favourites – The One About Sex, Baby

  1. Wow, thank you so much for posting on this. I think it is a topic widely avoided, but widely thought about by both impending mothers and fathers, and those “just thinking” about it… Thanks.

  2. What was your sex post childbirth experience? : Honestly? I cant even remember! I know I was s**t scared about “doing it” again and weather it would feel different or not, all my friends argued it wouldnt as I’d had a c-section but as one of my male friends described it was going to be like a balloon, tight initially and then loose on the inside as J had been cm’s from coming out the natural way! I think sex defiantely has been better since though … although saying that now I’m pregnant its been months hehehehehe!

  3. My experience is still of the none variety. I just dont want to and my husband doesnt understand. I dont want him t blame the baby for it but I do feel that BF’ing has caused some of it. Its on me though. I guess it’ll get better with time. I found your blog through the Breastfeeding Blog Hop and I would love it if you could follow me back at

    1. @Kat B., Hi Kat. I guess the best thing I can really say is talking about it helps. Perhaps not initially – I know when I’m feeling guilty about it I avoid the topic at all costs! I hope it improves for you as baby gets older!

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