I have a second little competition for you today – but since it’s chocolate I’m sure you’ll forgive me!

Your Surprise have sent us a gorgeous Chocolate Card, and I think these make such fantastic Christmas gifts, especially for those people you’d love to get something  for, but can’t think of what.

The Chocolate Card is customisable and can be personalised with your own picture, your own text and decoration to match.  You choose how many you want, and place your order.

I was really pleasantly surprised. Not only was the Belgian Callebaut chocolate to die  for, the art work was gorgeous. I didn’t have a photo printed, but I chose a specifically intricate design and a cursive font, thinking they might be harder to perfect, but it was really nicely done.he top layer is always white chocolate, and you can choose plain white, milk or dark for the rest of the chocolate. I’m not a lover of white chocolate, so I was a bit concerned that it was going to ruin the yum for me, but it absolutely did not. It’s so hard in a sponsored blog post to convey sincerity, because you could just think I love the chocolate because I have to. And it’s true, I could. But behind closed doors, there are no secrets, and here’s the embarrassing truth: My husband and I shared the chocolate card while Ameli was sleeping so we didn’t have to share.

Because I was unsure of the quality of the chocolate I ordered one for myself before even considering giving one away as a gift, and added the text ‘It’s a girl… Congratulations’. I must admit, I think it’s a great alternative to a conventional card, a lovely Christmas card, or an occasion card or even favours for babyshowers, Christenings or weddings.  I’m really impressed.


You can win your own Chocolate Card, either for yourself or for someone else. Simply head over to Your Surprise’s Chocolate Card page, have a look at the different options, then come back here and leave a comment saying what chocolate you’d prefer and what message you’d put on the card.

The competition end at 23:59 on 5 December, and the winners will be chosen at random using Random.org. 

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The winner is Debbie M

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Chocolate Cards Review And Competition

  1. I would love the white chocolate one and have it say Merry Christmas – I don’t know who I would send it to – I might eat it myself!

  2. I would chose the Milk one, with the Hearts on it, and would put: To my wonderful daughter Sophie.Have a great Christmas. Lots of Love, hugs and kisses. From Mum xxxx

  3. I would choose a milk chocolate one with Merry Christmas on it. I would send it to a chocoholic friend of mine. She’d love it!!

  4. I would choose dark chocolate and give it to my hard working mum telling her to relax and have a fab xmas!

    also following both FB pages

  5. I’d have the dark and white chocolate with ‘Have a chocolatey Christmas’ written on and send it to my mum 🙂

  6. I would love one for my mum, as she has helped me and my husband so much this past few years and my little girl loves her so much, she has supported me through diagnoses and is jusy a realy selfless person. I think i would have milk and white cocolate with the message ” You are an amazing mother and nanny and we love and adore you, Thankyou x x”

    I already like and follow all and ave tweeted too @cwillmer 🙂

  7. I would have one in milk and white chocolate, with the words mummy loves you more than chocolate printed on it and give it to my little boy 🙂

  8. I would choose a milk chocolate one for my daughter she suffers a lot of allergies and chocolate is NOT one of them – it would really cheer her up.

  9. I’m following you on twitter @earthmommaof6 and have like both pages on facebook – Yvonne Poole. I’ve also retweeted x

  10. I’d choose white choc (though I don’t like it myself) and send it to my hubby just for putting up with me for 26 years x

  11. I’d have milk & white chocolate and a lovely Christmas message from my sons to their Auntie in Australia, we miss her xx

  12. I’d have a small with border in milk with white 🙂 I’d have a pic on of me & my hubby 2 be on & simply have ‘Love you, ALways’ on x

  13. I would choose the small card with the heart border down the side in milk and white and my message would be

    This little gift comes as a treat
    to someone who made my life complete

  14. I would chose the milk and white one for my daughter who is a massive chocoholic and I would say on it..mum says, dont eat me all at once!

  15. White and milk – I would send it to my niece to chear her up shes been through so much lately and chocolate always put a smile on her face would send her much love and kisses and just to let her know im here for her

  16. I’d choose milk with white chocolate, saying Merry Christmas with a picture of Harry on for my mum (as she always says he is good enough to eat)!

  17. I would choose a milk chocolate one with a picture of my son with my best mate Malc. He acts as a positive male role model for my son and there is nothing that tells him how important he is im my sons life. The exact message I don’t know but this is a fantastic product. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  18. Milk and white chocolate with the message ” I cannot be without you for another second. EAT ME now and we
    will be TOGETHER as ONE – you and I in perfect everlasting UNION!”
    Liked and tweeted @dreamstory69

  19. Dark chocolate with the message ‘Hearts come home for Christmas’. This would be for my only daughter who left home in September for a job in London – 400 miles away. I bought her up on my own and we have always been close. She is coming home for Christmas and I am looking for a special little gift to put on her pillow for her first night home. She is a really chocholic and very arty so this would be perfect.

  20. I would get a milk chocolate one with a photo of me and my girl with the caption. “I love you more than chocolate!!!!”

  21. Wow that is seriously beautiful!! I would have a photo of me and my siblings in Milk choc on a white choc background and give it to my parents!


  22. I would chose a large white and milk chocolate one with a photo of my step daughter and a message saying: You’re like a daughter to me XX

  23. I would choose white chocolate all of it and its my mother in laws fave and I would send her a thank you card for being so wonderful at our wedding taking on the role of my mother and looking after me because my mum was too disabled to be there and for adopting me into the family.

  24. I would definitely choose a large white and milk chocolate one..I would have a picture of my dog Alfie and give it to his Grandad for saving his life

  25. I would choose a large plain chocolate with a photo of my children on for me as a present from them saying merry christmas mummy, then we would all share it x

  26. i would choose dark chocolate since its my mums favourite and put a picture of us on it together 🙂 and say merry christmas love from your daughter

  27. I would send a chocolate card to my husband with the message “sorry i forgot our anniversary” on it so he could then give it to me… He always forgets!

  28. Hi 🙂
    I would definitely choose a large white and milk chocolate one. It would be a picture of my son for his sister who loves him so much she wishes she could eat him. Though she might love the card so much she’d probably just want to keep it! 😉 x

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