When  I first heard about gDiapers, I was really excited at the thought of a disposable nappy/reusable nappy hybrid. Unfortunately they weren’t available in the UK and I ended up using other brands I’ve been perfectly happy with. But, when I heard that Husha Byebaby were now importing gDiapers, rebranded for the UK as gNappies, I was really excited to try them out.

The first thing I noticed about gNappies is their size. You actually can’t tell the difference between disposable nappies and gNappies as far as size goes. They are superbly streamlined, which is fantastic for lengthening the lifespan of your child’s clothes.

gNappies come in three parts: The gPants (what would be the wrap in other nappies), the liner – a waterproof layer inside the gPants and then the inner, which is either gCloth or gRefill.

The gCloth is a made from hemp fibres, which absorb 15% more moisture than traditional cotton, and is three times stronger than cotton of the same weight, apparently. Hemp is also antifungal, antibacterial, and non-allergenic and is a sustainable product.  The other side of the gCloth insert is polyester microfleece which makes it all nicely absorbent.!

The alternative to the gCloth is the gRefill – a biodegradable, soft, trim-fitting insert that is plastic-free, elemental chlorine free, latex free and perfume free, which is great for babies with sensitive skins.

While in the US, gDiapers can be flushed, I guess in the UK our pipes are a bit too old, and the disposable inserts aren’t recommended for flushing. Dirty nappies can be tipped into the loo and the insert binned, and clean nappies can be home composted.

So – doesn’t this still add to the landfill problems? Well, no. Watch this clip, which shows the way gRefill’s break down and return to nothing within two to five months.

From a usage point of view, the gNappies are pretty easy. They’re quick to prepare and don’t take up a lot of space, which is sometimes a problem with other cloth nappies. They look fantastic – sleek and slender – and we’ve not had a problem with leaks when they’re worn for 2 – 3 hours.

For us, gNappies are not an overnight nappy as they do need to be changed every few hours, and my little girl tends to be very wet overnight. You can boost them by using both the gCloth and the gRefill though, which I’ve not tried.

gRefills are just under £10 for 32, making them around 31p each (a quick Google comparison show a leading disposable brand ranges from 13p to 33p [from products checked]per nappy) so it’s not the cheapest option, but also not the most expensive at all, and ideal for travel or days out.

Husha Byebaby are the sole distributors for gNappies in the UK and although they’ve only been on the UK market for a short while, gNappies have already won an award for Product of the Year 2011 from Sustain Magazines.

In contrast to some other nappies I’ve used, there’s also a lot of information and FAQ for use, treatment, and care of your gNappies.

In honour of Real Nappy Week, Husha Byebaby are offering Diary of a First Child readers a chance to win a 2-pack of gNappies with a set of gRefills in the size of your choice (worth £44.95). To stand a chance to win, go to Husha Byebaby, choose your favourite colours and come back here and let me know which TWO-PACK you prefer as well as the size you’d require.

For an additional entry, sign up to my RSS feed (and leave a comment below to say you have) or follow Husha Byebaby on Facebook and, again, say below that you have.

(By the way, Hushabye Baby also currently have a 15% discount on everything in their store.)

The competition ends on May 31st, at noon and the winner will be drawn at random using Random.org.


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GNappies Review and Giveaway

  1. Can’t find the two packs but love the stripe with either grubby knees grey or gooseberry purple in large please.

  2. These look fantastic And I would love to give them a try too! Galactic blue or chubby knee gray in Large Please

  3. Am already a fan on fb. Cannot see twin packs on hushabye baby but from memory I’d like either the blue or stripey in medium if I’m lucky enough to win!

  4. I Luuurve these. Can’t see the twin packs though I’ve seen them previously. Love purple, green and orange ones so any twin pack with those colours would be great :)Size small xxx

  5. Hi I liked the Striped 2 pack and in size Large please!
    Already use cloth nappies and would love to try these!

  6. I like the grateful red in medium, I don’t think they do the double pack in just red so for the two pack would have to go red/orange

  7. Love the red/orange, nice & bright & cheerful. Medium size please. If I win, they will be donated to charity for use in Romania.

  8. I would love the light and dark pink pack in large please.

    I am following you on twitter (glitterbaby40) and like both you and Husha Byebaby on Facebook.

    Beautiful nappies – fab comp xx

  9. We live in the US and love our gDiapers! We used the size small and have just transitioned to size medium. We’ve gotten into a great rhythm with using/washing the cloth inserts and often use one diaper all day (only changing the liner when we have a “blow-out”). The versatility of the hybrid design has been great for us as first-time parents!

  10. Oh I’ve always wanted to try gDiapers!

    I love the golly molly/goddess pink (pink/fus) colours in a medium for Chloe.

  11. hi, i would love to have the golly molly and goddess pink in size small for my week old baby girl. thanks! 🙂

  12. I like the red and blue nappies, but if I had to choose a 2 pack, i’d go for the red/orange ones.

    My LO would need a large

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