Common Myths About Real Nappies

I’ve been using real nappies on my daughter since she was around 4 weeks old, and I love them, so much so that I’m a now real nappy advisor in my local area!  I often end up chatting to other mums about nappies when they hear what I do, and there are some common misconceptions that seem to crop up again and again.Read more: Common Myths About Real Nappies

Pic Of The Week – 52-19

I’ll admit, laundry is rather loosely related to Real Nappy Week, but then again, it is related! People normaly bring up all that extra laundry as the first reason why not to use cloth nappies. I must admit, it’s not made the biggest of differences in our lives. Certainly not enough to not cloth.

And anyway – this is a great way to have some hide and seek fun.

Thanks for joining us for our pic of the week!

Getting Started With Reusable Cloth Nappies

Starting out with reusable nappies can be a real minefield. There are so many choices, and options that it can be a bit overwhelming.

Below is a summary of previous posts I’ve written on the subject – just click on the links for more detailed posts on the different subjects.

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GNappies Review and Giveaway

When  I first heard about gDiapers, I was really excited at the thought of a disposable nappy/reusable nappy hybrid. Unfortunately they weren’t available in the UK and I ended up using other brands I’ve been perfectly happy with. But, when I heard that Husha Byebaby were now importing gDiapers, rebranded for the UK as gNappies, I was really excited to try them out.
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Why Do We Need Real Cloth Nappy Week?

Well, it’s Real Nappy Week. I’ve heard people ask questions during other awareness weeks about why we have them. What’s the point? I’ve heard accusations about it being a good excuse to make other people feel guilty.  Which is a little sad, really.  I read a blog post the other day about why we need these awareness raising weeks. The topic was for children’s mental health, so rather more ‘serious’ than cloth nappies, but the message remains the same:
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Green People – Nappy Cream Baby Balm

My daughter was born peacefully and gently in a home water birth. We left the vernix on her to dry naturally, and didn’t give her a proper bath until she was two days old. She had beautiful, porcelain skin. By the time she was five days old, however, she looked as though we had dragged her through gravel on her bottom. She had a bleeding nappy rash which caused her to scream in pain every time she urinated.

As a new mother, I was beside myself, not knowing what to do. I applied the nappy creams I had received in my Bounty pack and prayed for it to go away. Eventually, through a combination of different nappy rash treatments (including corn flour and egg whites, herbal baths, the Bounty pack nappy creams and vitamin C serum and finally realising it was a reaction to the nappies themselves and changing to a different brand) we finally mastered the bleeding nappy rash.

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