My daughter was born peacefully and gently in a home water birth. We left the vernix on her to dry naturally, and didn’t give her a proper bath until she was two days old. She had beautiful, porcelain skin. By the time she was five days old, however, she looked as though we had dragged her through gravel on her bottom. She had a bleeding nappy rash which caused her to scream in pain every time she urinated.

As a new mother, I was beside myself, not knowing what to do. I applied the nappy creams I had received in my Bounty pack and prayed for it to go away. Eventually, through a combination of different nappy rash treatments (including corn flour and egg whites, herbal baths, the Bounty pack nappy creams and vitamin C serum and finally realising it was a reaction to the nappies themselves and changing to a different brand) we finally mastered the bleeding nappy rash.

Just as finding the right brand of nappies proved crucial in addressing your daughter’s nappy rash, exploring different types of “Botox” brands can play a significant role in achieving your desired skincare results. When considering cosmetic treatments such as Botox, it is essential to consult with a qualified professional who can guide you through the options available. With advancements in the field of aesthetics, various reputable brands offer their formulations of botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as “Botox.” These brands may differ in terms of potency, longevity, and specific areas of application. By discussing your skincare goals and concerns with an experienced practitioner, you can gain insights into the characteristics and benefits of different “Botox” brands, allowing you to make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and desired outcomes. This personalized approach ensures that your skincare journey is tailored to meet your unique needs, just as finding the right nappies tailored to your daughter’s skin helped alleviate her discomfort.

We eventually changed to bamboo nappies, a move we’ve never looked back from, and all nappy rashes stopped. When we went on a five week camping holiday, however, we had very limited access to washing facilities, and had to resort to disposables once again (the lack of environmentally friendly nappies across Europe is definitely worthy of investigation.)

Within a week, the rash had flared up again but this time we were prepared. We had with us the Green People Nappy Cream Baby Balm.

Last week I introduced you to Green People, the organic skin care range for the whole family. I told you about their fantastic sun lotion for children (and you can still enter to win £30 worth of skincare products for mums and little ones.)

Winner of both the Bizzie Baby Award 2009 and the TIPS 2010 Best Organic Nappy Cream Award, Green People states that its Nappy Cream Baby Balm is made up of 98% organic ingredients. These ingredients include palm oil, olive oil, bees wax, zinc oxide, hemp oil, sunflower seed oil, marigold oil, roman chamomile oil, and natural vitamin E. nappy rash cream

According to the Green People website, the nappy cream is suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. They also say that their natural baby product is made without Parabens, Lanolin, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals and colourants to bring you the purest baby balm that nature can offer.

Personally, the nappy balm has exceeded my expectations. I was happy enough with the commonly available nappy rash products, but since having tried this, would not go back to them.

The scent of this cream is pleasantly surprising, not smelling of chemicals at all (since it contains none) but rather of soothing and calming chamomile. It is quite a thick cream, but spreads fantastically well. A small amount really does cover the whole bum, and even after a month of using it regularly, we still have more than half a jar left.

As to its effectiveness, I am really happy with it – it works super fast, soothing and removing the redness and rash, and it actually works all over the body, not just on the nappy areas.

The 40ml container has an airtight and, in my experience leak-proof, seal between the pot and the lid, even in high temperatures when the cream itself becomes quite runny. With a screw-top lid there have been no mishaps in the nappy bag, as I have experienced with other brands.

The only real down side is the cost. At £9.25 for 40ml Nappy Cream Baby Balm is quite a bit more expensive than conventional, mainstream alternatives, but as I’ve said above, I feel it is entirely worth it and is certainly what we are and will be using in the future. I wish, in fact, that this had been in my Bounty pack from the start.

Green People have kindly offered to give one Diary of a First Child reader a baby and child skin care set including No Scent Sun Lotion, No Scent Baby Lotion,  No Scent Baby Wash & Shampoo and a Nappy Cream Baby Balm, worth £40!

In order to be in with a chance to win, just answer the following question by looking at their website and then leaving your answer below:

What Green People babies and children product would interest you most?

Competition closes at noon (GMT) on 2 August 2010 and the winner will be drawn randomly using

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And the winner is:

Wendy Stanger. Congratulations!


Green People – Nappy Cream Baby Balm

  1. I am very fond of lavender & grow a lot in my garden. The mother & Baby lavender moisturiser would be great

  2. I’ve already a selection of these ready for my new babies arrival…7 days to go 🙂
    But I didn’t know they did mandarine toothpaste, I’d definately get this for my little girl, who like me is not a liker of things minty!

  3. Oh the lavendar baby wash looks lovely! I have a baby boy, but since lavendar is great before bedtime, that would be lovely to soothe him.

    All the products look lovely! xx

  4. It’s the No Scent Children’s Sun Lotion SPF25 that I’m really interested in as my children have very sensitive fair skin and I would love a decent sunscreen for them 🙂 I am on twitter @utterlyscrummy

  5. The sunscreen would be my choice as we use it everyday, would be lovely to try one that is not a mainstream brand x

  6. I would like to try the Children’s Shampoo Citrus & Aloe Vera as my little girl has very long thick wavy hair that is a constant battle to get a comb through

    Have RT for you too @kikicomp

  7. the Baby Care Gift Pack as you get a taste of most products for a really reasonable price. that way i can make a fair assessment and chose from there, who knows i may like them all

  8. We also already use some Green People products but on browsing the website one that I had not seen before caught my eye and thats Baby Foaming Cleanser Chamomile. I have a 10 month old and I think it would be great for him. @nelsonclaire

  9. My little boy has his first teeth through now so I would love to try the children’s mandarin toothpaste – although actually, it’s because I fancy it myself….!

  10. I am pretty interested in all of it as Maxi and Mini have reactions to SLS and SLA, but I think the sunscream would have been my top one, that is if it wasnt raining today! So the aloevera bath and shower, espeically as they have started to have showers at home, in addition to the swimming baths

  11. It’s the No Scent Children’s Sun Lotion SPF25 that I’m really interested in, although I may have to give their toothpastes a try too.

  12. I would love the shampoo, poor Emily has had such a problem with her hair that we can’t use normal shampoos!

  13. I use some Green People stuff already – toothpaste and shampoo. Now my daughter’s a bit older and having shower’s more than bath’s I’m really interested in the Children’s Bath & Shower with Citrus & Aloe Vera. Might give it a try!

  14. I would be interested to try the no scent baby wash and shampoo. My 7 month old has sensitive skin, is often blotchy and dry and i would love to see if this product would help. I love reading your blog, Its fab to actually read reviews from someone with children rather than what the retailer thinks! Thanks for the competition

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