While we’ve never escaped nappies, with a toilet averse toddler, we’re about to embark on the journey all over again. While I’m really keen to try part time Elimination Communication down the line, I know that our lives and our life styles, and the fact that I don’t actually have ‘maternity leave’ (I work part time so it’s not a crises) are not conducive to ECing a newborn. So, we’re back to nappies and setting up our supply to suit a newborn too.

While we made the switch from standard wet wipes to Jackson Reece Herbal and biodegradable wipes a long time ago, it’s still an expense, even if we only use them for dirty nappies. But we’ve slowly been making a change to cloth wipes for wet  nappies and dirty hands and faces.

Now, I know it’s entirely possible to make your own wipes out of old cloths, flannels and so on, I’ve just never got that far. I did, however, find something called Cheeky Wipes, and I absolutely love them.

For £40, the all-in-one kit includes 25 gorgeously soft 15x15cm terry towelling cloth baby wipes, which are now available in white, pink and blue, a Fresh Baby Wipes container, a Mucky Baby Wipes container with a mesh bag insert, a Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof travel bag, a Mucky Baby Wipes waterproof travel bag with a mesh bag insert, a 10ml bottle of Lavender and Chamomile oil blend for your fresh wipes and a Tea Tree and Tea Tree Lemon essential oil blend for your mucky container.

(Bits and pieces can be bought separately too.)

Cheeky Wipes are now on the 3rd version of their containers, which is a good thing because I really struggled with the lid on the 2nd version, but the clip on the new ones is much easier to use and operate one handed while holding on to a squirmy child.

So here’s what makes these wipes great:

You have two containers filled with water and essential oil. One has clean wipes in, the other dirty. In the dirty wipes container you have a mesh bag which you can pull out and pop your wipes into the washing machine, and dispose of the dirty water down the toilet. If you’re using it at home, we don’t even do that – we just leave dirty wipes in the washing basket with the dirty nappies ready to be washed.

The same goes for the ‘out and about’ kit – they’re waterproof – we’ve had no leaks, and when you get home you separate the mesh inside from the waterproof outside, wipe out the outside and put the mesh bag in your washing machine, so there’s no need to fiddle about with dirty wipes.

Out the machine you don’t have to wait for the Cheeky Wipes to dry as they just go in fresh water back in the clean wipes container and you’re set to start again.

So for us, Cheeky Wipes are a huge saving.While £40 seems like a big outlay initially, especially when we still use wipes for dirty toddler nappies, the saving on wipes is astronomical. We could easily go through a bag of wipes in just a few days – say five days, and while they’re sometimes on sale, they’re often up to £2 a bag… that means we can easily spend £40 in just three to four months. We’ve been in nappies for two years… that means we could easily have spent £240 on wipes so far. (My child has a very sensitive skin, so I can’t use the chemical-laden cheaper brands either.)


Cheeky Wipes have offered one Diary of a First Child reader the chance to win a set of Cheeky Wipes. In order to enter the competition, leave a comment below telling me which colour wipes and which essential oil combination you would prefer.

For an additional entry, (which is not compulsory, and is not sponsored by Facebook and which has nothing to do with Facebook or its employees) you can like Cheeky Wipes on Facebook, and leave a message on their wall saying I’ve sent you.

This competition finishes at 23:59 on 5 March  and the winner will be randomly drawn. Winners will be announced here and on the Diary of a First Child Facebook Page. Please check these to find out who won. 





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Cheeky Wipes Reusable Wet Wipes Review And Competition

  1. These look lovely and skin friendly for children. I’d love the bright pink with tea tree & lemon oil please.

  2. these are such a great idea… i would love the white ones please with the lavender & chamomile oil xx

  3. I would love to have the pink wipes with the Lavender & Chamomile oil if I am lucky enough to win x

  4. I would love to try the pink wipes with the Lavender and chamomile oils.
    My daughter is due to give birth to my first grandchild this month and these would be perfect for her

  5. What a fantastic competition. I would love to win some white wipes with lavender and chamomile

  6. What a lovely giveaway please enter me. Id love the Turquoise with Lavender and Chamomile 🙂

  7. Turquoise and lavender oil please, sound like a great idea, we go through so many wipes daily!

  8. These are great. If I’m the lucky winner, I would love the blue 1 in Lavender and Chamomile please. Tweeted @Carolinehammon1 and following on facebook as Caroline Mcgovern (Caroline Hammond). Have also left a note on cheeky wipes wall saying you sent me x

  9. I have liked Cheeky Wipes on Facebook and written on their wall…I’d love to win some wipes for my nappy guru demo kit!

  10. I would love to try these, with twins I spend so much on wipes! i would love to try the mandarin fragrance,in turquoise please.
    I have liked on fb and tagged you and also shared as Helen E Harris.
    Also tweeted as picklepie35 😀

  11. i love the idea of these , if im lucky enough to be chosen id love the bright pink and the tea tree and lemon oil please. I can be contacted via twitter @chanson2010 ot facebook nicci jane cowdell-murray x

  12. I’d choose the turquoise wipes and the lavender and chamomile/ I really should switch to cloth wipes for my second baby.

  13. Hi! I’ve read a lot about these wipes and kits and I think I would simply love them!!

    I love the turquoise wipes and I’d be curious to try the Rose and Rose geranium oil!

    Thank you!!

  14. Well after much deliberation ( the cost ) and trying to win some i finally bit the bullet and bought a mini kit as i am already a real nappie user .

    They arrived on friday and I washed them straight away as i had a load of nappies waiting!

    They are so easy to use the box (V3) is easy to open one handed and they smell amazing. I cant wait to tell alL my friends about them and give them my discount code.
    I only wish i had bought some last year would have saved a fortune on wipes!
    Thank you cheeky wipes you have made a fully green mummy 🙂
    i would like to win some turqoise and lavender & chamomile
    so i can leave them at my mums she loves them.

  15. I’m sure I added a comment last night but can’t see it. Facebook even told me that a friend had commented on the comment and still I can’t see it. I’m having a seriously insane week.

    Anyway, I have liked on facebook and I would LOVE the pink for my Ellie and the mandarine flavour.

  16. poop! I just made the switch last month so Don’t actually need this seeing as I bought it albeit with a 50% off code!

    I just want to say that it is brilliant! my hubby who usually sings the gospel of cloth nappies was reluctant to make the switch but even he is amazed! E’s poos are explosive and we only need 2 wipes.

    I find that I don’t need the mucky box as we just put the dirty wipes in the nappy bucket.

    Whoever wins this, you are in for a treat!

  17. Lucy Bonson
    Turquoise with Lavender and Chamomile for me – They look absolutely Fabulous 🙂 **copied from facebook as I realise now the facebook plugin entries wont be counted in my new ‘pick a winner’ app! **

  18. We have the older version of these and they are fantastic, though looking a bit tired now as they are 3 years old! I would love to win the pink wipes with tea tree and lemon oil please.

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