Toothpaste and toothbrushing. The nemesis of most parents, I think, and one we pretty much avoided by not brushing teeth regularly, but counting on night feeds of breastmilk  to clean the teeth – that’s been my totally unscientific solution, anyway.

We eventually started brushing Ameli’s teeth a few months ago now, but we made it into a game.  I decided to take a few months to make a few years simpler… and so far so good. So what we do now is that I brush her teeth as quickly but all-over as possible in the time she’ll not fight, and then let her ‘brush’ her own teeth – which is entirely unsuccessful in actual cleaning.

In an attempt to strengthen and protect teeth, we’ve introduced the use of Xylitol in her (decaf) tea, rather than sugar, and especially when she was teething, we used Calc.Phos to help with the development of strong teeth.

There’s a huge debate in many toothy circles about fluoride and whether it’s a good thing or not. Now, I’m not really interested in a debate on fluoride. I know I’ve used it my whole life, and my teeth can’t even withstand pregnancy, so I don’t feel it’s done me any favours. I also know that since starting on Xylitol I’ve had fewer cavities and no new broken teeth. A bonus for me.

So, what to do about toothpaste? Children are supposed to have fluoride free toothpaste as they’re not supposed to swallow it, and even at two, Ameli still swallows more toothpaste than she spits out, so I’m quite happy to not even start her on a fluoride toothpaste until we can reassess down the line.

Which is why I’m thrilled to have Green People’s fluoride free toothpaste. Now, I must tell you, I like the minty fresh thing with toothpaste, but that’s because that’s what I’m used to. Ameli has no problem with Mandarin and Aloe Vera toothpaste, and if I just give her a dry toothbrush, she’ll ask for the toothpaste, so that’s good.  (Green People’s tooth paste is also available in Spearmint and Aloe Vera.)

Green People toothpaste uses a blend of Calcium Carbonate to gently clean and remove plaque, and Vitamin C and Myrrh combat gum disease. Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on tender gums, reduces swelling and is a powerful antiseptic.

Neither flavour contains Flouride, SLS (which makes conventional toothpastes foam), triclosan, sorbitol, parabens, phthalates, sweeteners, petrochemicals or colourants.  They are also certified Organic.


If you’d like to give Green People Toothpaste a try, I have five tubes up for grabs, so leave a comment below letting me know which flavour you’d prefer to try, as well as naming one of the ingredients in the toothpaste.

The competition end at 23:59 on 21 November, and the winners will be chosen at random using 

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Green People Organic Toothpaste For Children Review

  1. I’d love a Spearmint and Aloe Vera for my lovely niece Anna.
    Myrrh is one of the ingredients, to prevent gum disease which is v. important, but I also chose to name this one as it sounds all Christmassy and rich (three kings ‘n all that!).
    Tweeting @msmollylouise x

  2. Sorry I am the idiot that mentioned flouride. I didn’t realise these are flouride free (I’m pregnant being my excuse for being dumb) and now u have corrected me I am soooo happy, we currently use Kingfisher Flouride free but its just not minty enough, I have been desperately looking for an alternative, imma buy the spearmint one asap to try, thank you.

  3. One of the ingredients is Calcium Carbonate.
    I’d like to try Mandarin and Aloe Vera please as my children don’t like mint and I find it very hard to get a toothpaste they will use.

  4. My son and I love Green People so having their toothpaste will be fab.
    Spearmint flavour if I win please.
    Calcium Carbonate is one of the ingredients.

  5. The mandarin would be really interesting to try. My kids have a bit of a thing about ‘burny mint’ toothpaste so anything that isn’t minty normally goes down well.

    Myrrh is one of the ingredients.

  6. My grandson has organic toothpaste but has never tried the
    green people one. One of the ingredients are calcium carbonate. Would like to try the spearmint one if im lucky enough.

  7. Great giveaway, since our Grandaughter will grow up and the main taste of toothpaste will be some sort of mint, would love to try her on Spearmint and Aloe Vera. Also an ingredient used is Myrrh, which I picked ’cause it sounds like one of the three gifts given to baby Jesus (very seasonal) Ho Ho Ho 🙂

  8. Hi, I have liked you on facebook. I was really interested in reading your write-up – very informative. Thank you. One of the ingredients is Vitamin C. The spearmint and aloe vera sounds great. I do try to buy organic products if my money will stretch but as yet have not tried organic toothpaste so would be great to win.


  10. I would like to try the Mandarin and Aloe Vera please, my daughter doesnt like mint toothpaste so this would stop the fights come teeth brushing time!

  11. I would love to win the mandarin and aloe vera! my two year old loves oranges and brushing her teeth! perfect! though the myrrh one sounds good!

    oh and Vitamin C is an ingredient

  12. Ooh fantastic, I think my Fred might like the Mandarin, though mint is all he’s ever known. Both flavours contain calcium carbonate.

  13. Ooooh, please enter me for the toothpaste comp!
    I’m sure Fred would love to try either of the flavours, which include Aloe Vera(!)
    Amy x

  14. Oh Fab! Jasper doesn’t have any teeth still (at nearly 9 months!) so this is something that I’ve yet to think about, so your post was a brilliant read! Thank you. I saw that Green People toothpaste has Olive leaf extract in it. 🙂

  15. If I win I would like the Spearmint and Aloe Vera one. One of the ingredients is Myrrh.
    I already ‘like’ you on Facebook and I have ‘like’d Green Poeple now too.
    I am also counting on night time breastfeeding for teeth cleaning with my 2 year old, but sometimes I can get him to open up, when he’s not tooo tired that is!

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