Challenge Four in Hands On Play is Pretend Islands. The challenge is:

Take some pillows, lay them out sporadically.
Ta da! You’ve created islands with the floor as water!
We jumped from island to island to see if we could make it to them all.

Okay, well, truth time: Ameli so did not get the aim of this game, and instead of jumping from island to island, she squealed her way around running from one baby yoga mat to the next. When I started jumping between them she followed suit (see the first picture). The thing is though… it didn’t matter. My little girl shrieked with laughter and the look on her face in each image showed just how much she enjoyed it.

I had fun, and laughed proper laughter too, for about ten minutes before I realised felt the ‘I’ve got things I should be doing’ panic, but we played for a few more minutes. She loved it. I loved that she laughed a whole-hearted laugh with me. 

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Hands On Play: Islands And Water

  1. Heehee! Love it! We get a lot of enjoyment out of this, too. Sometimes they’re lilypads and crocs in the water. Sometimes, they’re rocks and there’s lava. The screeches of joy when mama pretends to burn a toe or get chomped by an crocodile have me in tears of joy.

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