We’ve been so busy recently, it’s almost impossible to keep up sometimes. Motherhood has been keeping me busy, as has spring cleaning and blogging. Ameli is developing in leaps and bounds. It’s amazing. And a little scary. But we’ve been enjoying the arrival of spring and very suddenly, summer. Martin has been able to spend a bit more time with us than usual, which has been wonderful too.

Day 133 – Cupcakes Make My World Go Round

In more ways than one if you look at my waistline! But I seriously have a thing for cupcakes. The prettier the better. The creamier the better too! I’d love to do a decorating course, but for now my eyes just light up whenever I see cupcakes, and Martin just roles his eyes at me.

Butterfly Cupcake

Day 134 – Footsies

The ‘cobra’ went to a crawl, to a drag, to a shimmy, to a gimpy crawl, on one knee and one foot. We now have a full blown, fast crawl. Everywhere. When I leave a room, she follows. It’s cute. Like having a puppy.


Day 135 – Invisible Food

We had a fantastic day out on the Invisible Food walk. Here we are picking Lime leaves (not sure why they’re called that, since they don’t bare fruit) to stuff with a lovely rye stuffing. This was also where we learned to fry Dandelions.

Picking Lime Leaves

Day 136 – In the Painting with Mary Poppins

So I’m no Mary Poppins, but we went to the Dulwich Fair and went on our first merry-go-round. Ameli loved it. She smiled and bounced and shrieked the whole way through.

In the painting with Mary Poppins

Day 137 – Summer Has Come

A walk in the path reveals very long grass and thick foliage. I do love England in the Summer/Spring


Day 138 – New shoes

For a ‘not a shoes’ kinda girl, I have a lot to say about shoes on this blog! I was really excited to get my new Reebok Easytone flip flops today. You may remember I wrote about Easytone Trainers recently, well these are their summer cousins. I love these because they are purple and they are really comfortable. I’ve been wearing them ever since.

Reebok Flipflops

Day 139 – Dandelion Picking

After our fabulous Dandelion dinner on Saturday, I really craved a few more, so we went to the park to find more Dandelions for dinner on Tuesday. Ameli was crawling around on the grass amongst all these little white flowers. I thought she looked so pretty.

Dandelion Picking

Thank you for joining us for our week in pictures! We loved sharing it with you!


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