I am such a fan of Galt Toys, that I could, quite frankly, feature their products every month and not run out of things Iove for both Ameli and Aviya. This week, however, it’s an Aviya toy that we’re raving about: The Galt Playnest

At only 12 weeks old, we’ve no where near gone through the full potential of  uses of the Galt Playnest, and we’ll have plenty of use out of it still, but I’ll tell you what we love so far.

The Farm Playnest is an inflatable donut covered with bold, bright and colourful washable nylon cover. Galt says that it’s suitable from birth, and depending on your use of it, tend to agree.

With Aviya, I’ve put a thin pillow in the hollow of the ring and put her on her side to sleep during the day while we’re in the living room. I’ve also been using (and in fact recommending in baby massage class!) the playnest for tummy time from birth. Because you can put the baby at an angle, they can have gentle pressure on the belly while still having somewhere to rest their heads*.

Aviya’s been holding her head up pretty much since birth, so it’s been easy for us to do. Also, since the ring is inflatable, it is soft against the belly which I think would be ideal for babies who ‘don’t like’ being on their tummies* (they don’t like it because they’re not used to it. If put on their tummies from birth, most babies will prefer it as a sleep position as it continues their natural womb like positioning.)

I’ve also used it without the pillow for her to lean back on so that she can look around and be part of what’s going on in the room. I particularly like that if Aviya slides over to the side, she can’t fall off anything, like the sofa. It’s a nice, contained, safe space, and because she’s not flat on her back or in the same position for too long, I don’t have to worry about flat head syndrome either*.

I was a bit concerned initially that it would pop if Ameli tried to get on it with her sister, but after a few weeks of both of them in the playnest, and her bouncing in, out and on it, I no longer have that fear. It’s pretty sturdy and stands up to toddlerhood.

As for activities, we’ve not had to pay too much attention to what it offers yet, as Aviya’s not there yet, but it does have things like a squeaker in the duck bill, crinkly ‘flaps’, a squishy pig’s nose and fluffy sheep’s head. I think for a younger baby, I’d prefer it to have arches as at the moment there’s not much on it to entertain her, but then, she is 12 weeks old! As she gets older, sits up and becomes more engaged in her environment, I think she’ll love the playnest and I’ll love the security it offers.

On a slightly different note – I was concerned this would have a playpen feeling, like she’d be trapped in it, which I wouldn’t like. Having it inflated and in use, however, I don’t think that will be the case at all. It’s not something that could be used to ‘contain’ a crawler, so it should definitely be used with adult supervision, especially if you have a cuddly toddler and a baby and especially if baby is sleeping in it.

Overall, though, we love this Galt Farm Playnest.

*These are my thoughts, not Galt claims.


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Galt Toys Playnest Review And Competition

  1. I work in a preschool, and we have lots of galt toys, they are great, the soundtrack, and Gone shopping games are good.

  2. The nest is so cute, love the photo where Aviya fell asleep, bless her x
    Had a look around their page and you are completely right, you CANT run out of ideas with them. I love all the Activity Packs. They would also be a nice little treat for my 2.5 year old son as a potty reward or when he is ill.
    My favourites are the Pizza Making Set, the Bend n’ Build Sticks and the Bouncy Balls.

  3. I like Galt Toys on Facebook, and have left a message on their wall telling them you sent me with the competition details & link

  4. Thanks for the great review and giveaway! Loads and loads to choose from over at GALT!!! I must admit I do love pop up toys as they always seem to make little ones giggle with delight (and there is nothing so lovely as seeing a baby giggle!) Soooooo I am loving the Frog in a Box http://www.galttoys.com/index.cfm/Frog-in-a-Box/1002/productid/A1137H/refpage/1008/refelement/1029 and I also adore the peep-o pop up puppets – you can get a lion, dog and cow! Here is the cow!: http://www.galttoys.com/index.cfm/Peep-o%20Puppet%20-%20Cow/1002/productid/1003691/refpage/1008/refelement/1029 They are another great buy!

  5. I like this and wish I had known about it at Christmas time. Rosie isn’t too old for it, but she would have loved it then and would have had a lot of use for it:

    http://www.galttoys.com/index.cfm/Playnest ® Car/1002/productid/1003871/refpage/1008/refelement/1029

    I like the play nest though, I have two friends due at the end of June and would love to give this to them. xx Your baby looks very snuggly in the nest!

  6. Have liked Galt’ Facebook page and left message linking your page. @01592_katie

  7. There is lots of products I like, especially in ‘Play and learn’ section but I love ‘Magnetic shapes’, it brings some great childhood memories 🙂

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