Must Haves And Baby Essentials

Alternatively titled: What’s My Wishlist? 

I love seeing pictures of my baby and how he or she is growing in there, deep beyond my line of sight. When I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for a whole bunch of those ’your baby is x weeks along’ emails, so that I could get a general idea, more or less, of what’s going on in there.  Slowly but surely, with just over a month to go, if that, the ‘must have’ lists and ‘essentials for your new baby’ emails have been filtering steadily in.

I wrote a while back on PlayPennies about how new parents are spending on average £10,500 on their first child, and that mothers are wasting £158m each year, and I can tell you that we spent less than 10% of the average on Ameli before she was born, yet she came into this world lacking for nothing.Read more: Must Haves And Baby Essentials

Top Reviews For 2011

Diary of a First Child grew so much in 2011 and the support we received from brands and companies was pretty amazing. While we try to keep things as natural and environmentally friendly as possible, we also live in the ‘real world’ and I’ll admit, sometimes I too reach for the convenient, the beautiful, the luxurious and so on.

Below are the best products we reviewed in 2011 in two categories: Better for Babies and Top Picks.Read more: Top Reviews For 2011

GNappies Review and Giveaway

When  I first heard about gDiapers, I was really excited at the thought of a disposable nappy/reusable nappy hybrid. Unfortunately they weren’t available in the UK and I ended up using other brands I’ve been perfectly happy with. But, when I heard that Husha Byebaby were now importing gDiapers, rebranded for the UK as gNappies, I was really excited to try them out.
Read more: GNappies Review and Giveaway