Nothing Beats A Bike Competition #NothingBeatsABike


Halfords are running a Nothing Beats A Bike competition where the winner can win a bike for your child, just in time for Christmas.  There’s also a competition below where you can win a lovely 16″ Carrera Star worth £199 too.Carrera Star Kids' Bike - 16"

In order to participate in this campaign we were given a bike for Ameli for Christmas, so obviously we haven’t tried it out yet – it’s still poorly hidden in the boot of the car!

I must say I was really impressed with my experience at Halfords. I arrived with my order confirmation, and the bike mechanic I had to speak to was busy bleeding the breaks on someone else’s something but they didn’t keep me waiting long at all. Kevin arrived with the Carrera Star 16″ bike and I was thrilled. It just looks like a serious bike, but diddy. I loved it immediately.

Since I also now need a bike for Aviya, Kevin walked round with me showing me the other bikes available at Halfords and talking through the pros and cons of the specific styles and designs. He was so incredibly knowledgeable I was very impressed. There wasn’t a question I had that he couldn’t answer.

Before I could take ownership of our Carrera bicycle, we went through a checklist of bike safety. Kevin made sure I knew where to twist and what to tighten (we had to leave the handlebars skew so that it would fit into the boot of the car) and he talked me through Halford’s service plans, where for £10 a year I could bring them any punctures and flat tyres, among other things.

The whole experience was lovely and I felt really confident in our choice of bicycle and in any needs we might have for after sales service. Halfords have a standard 6 week check-up service where you can bring the bike in six weeks later to make sure everything is still as it should be (the break cables specifically), but since that would be a week after Christmas, Halfords have allowed a six month grace period for people buying bicycles for Christmas.

Carrera Star Kids' Bike - 16"Oh, and another service Halfords are offering that I think is fantastically insightful is their Christmas storage offer – reserve the bike for £10 and pay it off immediately or in instalments,  and they’ll keep it for you till a few days before Christmas, build it for free, and you can collect it and only need to hide it for a day or two. I love that and wish I’d thought of doing it that way earlier!

I would highly recommend Halford’s bicycle service, and think their Nothing Beats A Bike Campaign is well worth supporting.

Doesn’t this advert just take you back to the freedom of our childhood days?

YouTube Direkt

To win a Carerra Star 16″ bike for your own child, leave a comment below with your favourite style from the Halfords website.

T&Cs: The competition runs for one week, ending 23:59 4 December 2015. The winner will be selected by Diary of a First Child using, based on the position in the comments. Winner will be notified by email, so please make sure you add your email in the required space. Winners will have one week to respond before a new winner will be selected.  The prize cannot be exchanged for money. The Prize will be sent out directly by Halfords.


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62 thoughts on “Nothing Beats A Bike Competition #NothingBeatsABike

  1. Monika S

    what a gorgeous giveaway – my favourite style is Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike – 14″

  2. Lydia Houghton

    The Carrera star would make my little girl very happy on Christmas morning!

  3. amer zaheer

    Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike in red

  4. claire woods

    Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike – 14″

  5. Jessica woods

    #nothingbeatsabike Carrera Star Kids Bike – 16″ for my daughter please thank you and merry Christmas xxx

  6. Falon

    Carrera Cosmos would be absolutely perfect x

  7. Alan Sanbrooke

    Carrera Cosmos bike

  8. Leanne Bell

    This star bike is my favourite. It is the best colour out of the girls bikes and also the correct size for my 6 year old Jasmine.

    Thanks for the giveaway x #Competition #NothingBeatsABike x

  9. Clare Hubbard

    My son would love the Carrera blast mountain bike 🙂

  10. Hannah Igoe

    I like the carrera blast – fab colour!

  11. maggie riordan

    a Carrera Blast would be great for one of my six grandchildren!

  12. David crabb

    Love this bike for our daughter as well as the Luna Girls Mountain Bike. Thanks for the opportunity

  13. Gem Cook

    I love the Carrera Luna Girls Mountain Bike, for our daughter.
    Thank you for the chance 🙂
    Amazing giveaway! x

  14. Bella Bazley

    I think the Carrera Star in that colour is amazing, perfect for a girl but a great choice to be unisex too as kids always borrow each others bikes 🙂

  15. John Smith

    I think my son would love the Carrera Blast, thank you!

  16. Susan B

    The Carrera Luna Girls Mountain Bike looks to be absolutely perfect for our crew.

  17. Claire Nelson

    I think my son would love the Carrera Blast, thank you!

  18. Kat Glynn

    I would choose the Carrera Blast boys bike, it looks perfect for my little man x

  19. Christine

    Carrera Luna Girls Mountain Bike is really nice 😀

  20. kimberley ryan

    The Apollo Boogie is fabulous, but so are all the others too 😉

  21. Angela treadway

    Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike – 20″ x

  22. Eleanor Powell

    carrera cosmos is the one I like the best

  23. CJ Macmanus

    Carrera Star Kids Bike – 16″ In that fabulous light blue colour!!

  24. Claire Bingham

    The Carrera star, my daughter has nearly outgrown hers and would love this #NothingBeatsABike

  25. Alex Brownlee

    the Carrera Abyss Boys Hybrid Bike is the fave

  26. Michaela Hannah

    Love the Carrera cosmo bike

  27. Pauline Dring

    The Carrera Luna is my favourite

  28. Laura Pritchard

    My son would love the Carrera Abyss Boys Hybrid Bike

  29. Kayleigh White

    Carrera Blast Boys Bike – it’s lovely!
    I’d love to surprise my little one with a new bike for Christmas! We live in the Pembrokeshire countryside and walk everywhere, it would be great to cycle.

  30. marc tams

    Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike 🙂

  31. helen gaston

    Carerra luna girls bike is fantastic : ) my daughter would love it x

  32. Greig spencer

    love the Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike – 20″ for my nephew xx

  33. Jon Sellers

    The Carrera Blast boys mountain bike gets my vote, wish I had one when I was a lot younger

  34. Michelle O'Neill

    Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike (my grandaughter is a tomboy lol )

  35. Ruth Harwood

    Love the Carrera Cosmos xx

  36. kim neville

    Like the Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike – 20″

  37. Catherine McAlinden

    I love the Carerra Luna girls bike! #NothingBeatsABike

  38. david cavender

    Carrera Cosmos is great

  39. James Mullen

    The Carrera Abyss is my favourite. The black and green looks awesome!

  40. Kev C

    Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike looks wonderful

  41. tracey grevatt

    love the cosmos

  42. pete c

    Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike 20″

  43. Andy Caldwell

    the carrera cosmos bike

  44. iain maciver

    like the carrera cosmos bike

  45. Sarah Hurrell

    Love the Raleigh Mx16 bike for my five year old.

  46. Alison Bruce

    The prize of the 16″ Carrera Star would be a wonderful present for my grandchild.

  47. I would love to win the Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike.

  48. gemma blake

    all look pretty good to me! would probably choose the abyss, like the black and green combo

    great competition just before christmas!

  49. tamalyn roberts

    i love the Carrera Blast Boys Mountain Bike in red, its very smart and my son would love it for xmas x

  50. Naomi flood

    I really like the carrera star, Tabitha would love that. Poor second child only gets hand me downs! And when it comes to bikes this means she is due a clumpy pink heavy thing that was originally purchased for her sister on eBay for £20. Poor Tabi!

  51. joy dehany

    I really like the carrera cosmos bike with the white frame.

    Thank you for doing this.

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