I’ve found a fantastic pregnancy support pillow that suits my bed time sleep needs to a T.  The Support Pillow from By Carla has been my regular bed time companion for a couple of months now and I love it.

I’ll start with the one drawback:  it’s quite a small pillow – but then I’m quite a tall person and I can just about get one tip of it between my knees with the other side under my head.  I’m slightly more comfortable if I keep one side between my knees and use an ordinary pillow for my head.

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For the rest, however, I have no complaints about this pregnancy support pillow. It is especially useful when you still have a toddler in your bed, since, as a barrier between yourself and said toddler, it prevents kick during the night -I’m getting enough of those from the inside, and sleeping next to a human windmill, it’s nice to be able to protect the bump.

As a bed time pillow, I feel the By Carla Support Pillow has maintained its shape and firmness perfectly well over the couple of months I’ve been using it, but then it doesn’t get abused quite as much as my sofa support pillow.

What does make this support pillow an absolute winner, however, is the fact that it has a removable, washable cover, and along with the Nougat cover they send you a complimentary PlayTime cover, which means while one is in the wash, you can use the other.

It’s also a breastfeeding support or baby pillow, which obviously I’ve not tried it as yet, but I can imagine that it will be perfectly effective. For use with a toddler, it’s great: Ameli has taken to believing she’s a cat and needing to sleep on me at night – more specifically, on my face! Very comfortable, I assure you! When this happens during the night I’m normally able to shift her along onto the pillow, and she’ll sleep quite comfortably on that, leaving me (and my face) free to breathe!


To enter this competition, head over to By Carla to see the two different covers, then come back here and leave a comment below telling me which cover you prefer.

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This competition finishes at 23:59 on 16 January 2012 and the winner will be randomly drawn using Random.

Please read the competition rules.


The Winner is JAMESMUM


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Pregnancy Support Pillow From By Carla Review And Competition (UK Only)

  1. I like the Playtime cover best, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have it personalised with your own baby’s hand and footprints….!

  2. To be honest i like both of the covers the nougat stripes would be great while im pregnant like you said putting inbetween me n my little toddler is a fab idea. Im also planning to breast feed again this time round too so like the other hand and foot print cover for this its so cute and bright too x
    i have like By Carla on facebook and told them you sent me x x

  3. I prefer the Play Time cover as it’s lovely and colourful.

    For some reason the Nougat design reminds be of something from the film Beetlejuice. Weird!

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