Cleo (Snowtime!) Movie Review

On one of the many, many rainy days this week, my girls and I snuggled up on the sofa to watch Cleo – called Snowtime! in some zones – the new movie from Universal.

Cleo is a heartwarming, touching, and kind of sad-story-with-a-happy-ending animation about friendship. There’s a large cast of boys – it being a boy-infested town, after all – and just one girl, with two new-comers to the town at the start of the story.

****** You can read the spoiler free description here but this post is about the story and as such contains some spoilers:******

The movie starts off on the last day of school, and within minutes the children are on winter break and bored, bored, bored. Frankie wants to build a fort and suggests a snow ball war, with bugle playing Luke as one of the generals.

An argument about the rules, the teams and territories lead to a fight between the friends, which inadvertently decides the two teams. New girl in town Sophie becomes the opposing general when she’s drawn into a fight by the persistent other army.

Frankie and his team of three build the most amazing snow fort. It’s rather epic, complete with hi-tec surveillance. CLEO Movie

After completion of the fort, ‘peace-loving Nicky’ comments “war is not fun” before slinking off away. He is the only detractor, not interested in the war games. He is also the only one that talks about the fact that Luke’s dad died in a war.Read more: Cleo (Snowtime!) Movie Review