Time In As An Alternative To Time Out

We’ve all heard of time outs, right? The naughty step? It’s the super nannies’ (who often have no children of their own and so can’t comprehend the emotional aspect that comes with disciplining a child) control tool of choice.

But it’s not one I myself like. Seeing, or worse, putting my child in distress tightens my chest. It raises my blood pressure, and it ruins my mood. And sure, it may work, but what works isn’t necessarily always the best thing to do. If you have a leg infection, amputating the leg will get rid of the infection, but was it the right action to take?Read more: Time In As An Alternative To Time Out

Smartening Up To Marketing Psychology

Have you ever walked into a shop to buy something, and walked out with a whole bunch of stuff you didn’t go in for? Or go out for a quiet drink, only to end up way drunker than you planned?

Why does that happen? Well, the simple answer is this: everyone wants your money and they know how to make you spend it! Sometimes all it takes to overcome behaviour, is to underdand it. By being aware of simple ‘tricks of the trade’ you can save yourself a lot of money, and exercise better control over your choices.
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Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones…

…but words will never hurt me? Well that must be the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. Whoever first said that was surely never on the receiving end of painful words, harsh verbal onslaughts or cruel jibes. Whoever said that probably never went through putting on a brave face in public before making a hasty withdrawal and sobbing in private moments later.
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