Rural Life Centre, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey {Mamaventurers}

During half term, our Mamaventurer group took the children to the Rural Life Centre in Tilford, Surrey. We had an amazing day out, and the 1 – 4 year old children with us were engaged the whole time.

I was really surprised, actually, that we were the only people there the whole morning, and it was only as we were leaving mid afternoon that we started really seeing other people turning up! I know that if we’d driven two miles down the road to the indoor soft play centre, it would have been heaving on such an overcast and rainy day, but this day out cost us less, and was so much more pleasant!

Let me tell you about it.

The Rural Life Centre is a country life museum run by a charitable trust. It is pleasantly distributed over ten acres of field, woodland and barns, and comprises a large number of implements and devices marking over 150 years of farming. Many aspects of village and rural life are also displayed in realistic individual settings.

Plunging Laundry, Milling ‘grain’, Family Friendly Activity Sign, Learning About Forging, Tiling A Roof, Colouring A Flag in Fancy Dress

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Pic Of The Week – Week 48 – Sculpture Park

I try to get Ameli out of the house every day, because if I don’t she climbs the walls and wrecks the house. Some days we have playgroups, story time or just go to soft play, but whenever the weather is good, we try to get outdoors and expose the tips of our fingers and our eyeballs to some Vitamin D. (That was sarcasm, in case you missed it.)

This week we discovered a  Sculpture Park full of amazing – and some rather random – art work.  Ameli loved it. We spent more than two hours walking around by which time I was exhausted and ready to leave, but she was having none of it. I ended up chasing a two year old in and out of trees and around bits of metal and glass worth multiple thousands of pounds. I think we’ll return with Daddy next time!

Thanks for joining us for our week in pics.