Mozambique – A Window To Another World

Mozambique. I’ve never been to it, but always known it as a place for great fish, and beautiful beach holidays, but I knew nothing about the country or it’s people prior to our visit.

Mozambique reminds me of the Africa I grew up in. A place where you could walk freely, feel no fear, need no heightened awareness. I realise that my experience of Mozambique is painfully limited to both one specific area – Ponta do Oura – and a visit, and visiting a place is very different indeed from living in it.

But, in visiting a place, you still pick up a feel for it, and you can as easily lose a piece of your heart to it as if you lived there – easier,  in fact, as you don’t have to face up to the realities that can sometimes end the  illusion.
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Breastfeeding and Race: South Africa

*** Welcome March Carnival of Breastfeeding readers.***

I find myself in a strange situation. I am one of my race, yet not of my culture. I fit in to a race that is not mine – yet am part of its culture. But let me start at the beginning and explain myself a little better…
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