3 Questions Frequently Asked About Longterm Homeschooling

One of the questions I frequently face now that Ameli is almost 9 and heading speedily out of the learning through play phase of education, is ‘how will she ever be able to sit exams for university or college?’ This kind of question isn’t helped by comments from people like the the schools standards minister, Nick Gibb, who, earlier this year, said that children should start taking tests earlier on to help them cope with exam related mental health problems in later life 1

While I’m not even going to go into how crazy I think (sorry, that’s totally insane logic) that logic is, I have been thinking about ongoing education and long term education goals for both my children and wanted to share some of our views on how to encourage a love for learning that will prepare kids – in my estimation – a lot better than simply increasing exam pressure will!Read more: 3 Questions Frequently Asked About Longterm Homeschooling

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