Gelatin Bird Feeders For The Garden (With Recipe)

I love the idea of helping out nature, though living on a lush green Island with rolling hills and meadows, it can be hard to imagine that we need to. But, because here and now we might not need to, doesn’t mean I don’t need to instil a wish to protect our wildlife in my children. At five and three they are perfectly capable of learning how, and now is the time that they are still so full of enthusiasm, so it’s the perfect time to do it.

Recently we’ve been talking about birds and how birds fly, and the different types of birds and all that, so it seemed fitting to make gelatin bird feeders for the garden, though this is something we’d normally do in Autumn. We don’t actually have a garden either, so we’ve just hung them in trees around us.
bird feeders

These bird feeders are made with gelatin, as they last a little longer than for example peanut butter, and gelatin isn’t harmful to the birds – and probably helps their beaks grow stronger too!

We’ve made them in cookie cutters so that we can play with the shapes, and have fun with them. Since we live by the sea, we’ve even had a few ships to hang in the trees.


Tip: Don’t hang them in direct sunlight. If it gets too hot the gelatin begins to melt. Also, press as much together as you can in one shape to hold them tightly together. Gelatin Bird Feeders

How to make gelatin bird feeders:

  1. To make the birdfeeders, plan on a packet of gelatin (powder) to a cup of bird seed. So if you’re making two cups (500ml) bird seed, add two packets of gelatin and so on.
  2. Prepare the gelatin to the manufacturers directions, but only add 1 cup of water to one packet of gelatin (250ml water). (Or double if you’re making double) It needs to be thicker than jelly to hold it all together. Once the gelatin has melted, leave it to cool for a couple of minutes, then add in the bird seed. It mustn’t be runny and since your seed may differ to mine, just add more if it’s too wet and liquid.
  3. Stir in well till all the seed is coated, then scoop in to your waiting shapes.
  4. We scoop half the amount needed to fill the shape, then add a length of string, before adding in the rest of the seed, so that the string is in the centre when you pull the shape out of the cutter. Press down firmly to compact everything as much as possible, before setting aside overnight to dry.
  5. Don’t leave in the sun or it may melt again.
  6. Carefully remove from the cutter, and hang somewhere to enjoy.

Google ‘garden birds’ in your local area and see if you can find a checklist of what you should be able to find in your country. Keep an eye on your bird feeder and see how many local birds you can spot in your garden.

We love the RSPB’s ‘First’ Series of books. They are perfect for small people.  And why not turn it into a full experience by using a bird watching kit to really feel like a nature explorer.


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Andreas Summer Camp At Home – Week 4: Camping

Shapes: Circle, triangle
Sensory: Finger paint camo bandanas
Field trip: Picnic
Shopping list: mini hot dogs, dough, graham crackers, choclate, marshmallows, paint, cardstock, tape, canvas or heavy card stock, ingredients for bird feeder
I cannot believe we are in week 4 of the summer holidays! (only 8 to go!)
  • Monday: Mini hot dogs (buy the pilsbury dough, wrap hot dogs, bake, could double as lunch)
We started this week with a public holiday, so our little family headed to the zoo! It was kind of like 3 field trips in one. We had our picnic, we saw wild animals and explored the new marine life exhibit. It was great fun! We made the Hot dogs on Monday night, and they were a real hit, but sadly this Mama didn’t take pictures. The boys were very reluctant to touch the dough, they were much happier about eating the final product!
  • Tuesday: Tent ( Fold  a triangle in half, open, cut half way up the middle line, and fold flaps back) and full moon picture (would be nice with glow in the dark paint). 
 On Tuesday we were invited to a friend’s house for lunch and a play. How do I know we have wonderful friends? This Mom knew that it was camping week in my house and set up a tent in her back yard (once again I did not get pictures!) Later that afternoon we had a huge thunderstorm, so I set up a little tent in our living room with a “campfire”. The boys had their dinner in the tent and “grilled” their kebabs. It was so adorable.
I completely forgot to buy cream of Tartar for the playdough this week, so I made a big batch of grey salt dough, and the boys made rocks. We baked them and they loved playing with them. I think they will make a nice addition to our Dinosaur sensory box…

On Wednesday morning I surprised the boys with little campfires for breakfast, complete with a mini marshmallow to grill. We also made the bird feeders on Wednesday. The boys really liked stringing the cheerios onto the string, and using the cookie cutters to cut the toast. My sister bought me a box with 100 different cookie cutters (I know, she’s awesome! ) and the boys have been fascinated with it. They were thrilled to be able to use them!

  • Thursday: Smores

We love S’mores in our house, if you don’t know what they are, you need to find out! Honey flavoured crackers, melted chocolate, marshmallow, simply delicious! We made some for dessert on Thursday! 

  •  Friday: Starry night tape resist picture 
My boys were out all day Friday, so I decided to do just a little bit of Science at breakfast time. I made blue and yellow triangular ice cubes, and we watched them melt in glasses of water, the boys chose how many of each colour needed to go in each glass and made predictions about the outcome. The little guy was facinated by the colour mixing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week of playing and spending time together as a family!  If you want to share pictures from your activities, please add them to the Flickr Album!

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