Home Made Cream Cheese

I found myself with too much home-made yoghurt the other day, and thought I’d try to make some cheese.  The yoghurt was quite runny, so I put it through a coffee filter to separate the whey. After about four hours, the yoghurt was a better consistency than it had been up to then, but not really cheese-y.

I mixed some salt into the yoghurt and left it overnight to separate further and was surprised at the amount of whey collected by morning – and more surprised by how much the yoghurt had reduced! In fact, there was hardly enough for a cheese!

I decided to make a small portion of spreadable cream cheese from it instead and I have to tell you, it feels a bit silly sharing this as a ‘recipe’ as it isn’t really one…  it’s just mixing stuff together.Read more: Home Made Cream Cheese

Uses For Whey

Yoghurt, yoghurt, yoghurt… I’m loving the stuff since I’ve been making it myself and have been trying out all sorts of toppings for my and Ameli’s morning breakfast.

Once I figured out how to make the yoghurt a bit thicker by straining it, I found myself with a fair bit of left over whey every week and while there’s no crime in tipping it out, I did begin to wonder whether there was something I could actually do with whey.Read more: Uses For Whey

Home Made Yoghurt Topping Options

I have tried to do regular food posts here since almost the start of this incarnation of the blog, but something always comes up. Initially I posted recipes based on the organic food deliveries we received, then we joined a foraging group, and I started posting about that. We then went to South Africa and all foraging stopped, but when we returned last year, we started foraging for food again.

Then I became ill, and that stopped too. I’d love to start it up again, but I know that I won’t be able to keep up a weekly foraging post, what with a baby coming and all, so I thought I might combine the two – recipes we use as we explore healthier, organic and seasonal food, and those we come up with when we find ourselves able to forage.

One of my big ‘to-dos’, which I’ve been planning for a while now is making our own yoghurt. I know – it’s about as crazy as making your own mayonnaise, right? But the thing is home-made mayo is exceptionally good and ridiculously easy. So, I thought, perhaps yoghurt would be too?Read more: Home Made Yoghurt Topping Options