It seems that one of the key things about a backpacking holiday is weight. Everything needs to be as light and as space saving as possible. It’s a good idea to take that little black number so that you don’t scream ‘tourist’ when you go to the Opera in Prague but it is essential to take accessories that make that same little black number into a practical easy to wear and more importantly quick drying beach dress in Spain This does take some inventive shopping… for a start, everything has to be 100% cotton. Also, everything needs to colour code, because there’s only space for a limited number of things!

Then there’s the equipment. Now, because we’re sometimes self-catering, sometimes b&b, sometimes eating on the go… we decided to take cutlery and crockery, like plastic cups and plates and the ‘sporks’ in the picture… a hybrid spoon, fork and knife which should pass airport security.

The piece de resistance is the brand new backpack which comes with a detachable day pack, a money belt and an additional carrier bag for excess luggage, a rain cover and a coverstrip for the straps… what a great bag!

With just on 2 weeks to go, all that’s left to do now is figure out where those passports are!

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More shopping and preparation … With just 16 days to go!

  1. As for clothes you could always go goth for the entire trip, then with everything a nice shade of black you will always match. That said black is a bad choice in Spain… Wearing a black t-shirt there last month turned out rather warm.

    Anyway have a good trip and keep up that journal (I only hope it fits) 🙂


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