After the Berlin to Prague fiasco, we were ready to leave Prague at 6 am today in anticipation of the 5 hour drive actually being many more. As it turned out, it did take 5 hours to get to Friedrichshafen in Germany, where we left the car and took the ferry over Lake Constance to Romanshorn in Switzerland. We spent an hour in a beautiful harbour front park before taking the one hour train to Zurich.

We spent the evening walking around and were all really surprised by the beauty of Zurich, something none of us had expected as it was only ever meant as a stop off, not a destination. The buildings are all clean and fresh looking and seem to more or less range from the same era.

The only reason that we could see for Zurich not being a major tourist destination was the fact that it is unbelievably expensive! Even travelling on Pounds we had to breathe deep and just pay up. For all its expensiveness though, the bars and restaurants remained busy and poured out on to the streets till late.

Having seen the Grossmunster Church and the riverside path leading to Zurich See it is really unfortunate that we don’t have more time to explore.

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